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So, I Read "Twilight" & Was Reminded of "Fifty Shades of Grey"

So, I Just Read “Twilight” and Was Reminded of “Fifty Shades of Grey”

But Sug, the book “Twilight” came out 7 years ago.

Okay, I’m fashionably late to reading the book “Twilight,” by Stephanie Meyer. Honestly, it didn’t occur to me until I saw the book in the thrift store for a whole DOLLAR to read it. If you were with me prior to the blog crash, you know I bought these two books from my local Goodwill.

Fast forward to last week, I started reading the 1st book in the saga AND I could NOT put it down. Now, I’m not one to read books on vampires and such and I haven’t read a book series since “The Baby Sitters Club.” Remember Claudia and nem?

Man oh man was this book a treat!! Here are a few of my favorite line:

  • “And I never looked a free truck in the mouth – or engine.” (Chapter 1)
  • “I forgot all their names as soon as she spoke them.” (Chapter 1) I can so relate to this.
  • I made the Cowardly Lion look like the terminator.” (Chapter 2)
  • “He enunciated every syllable, as if he were talking to someone mentally handicapped.” (Chapter 4)
  • “I tend to dress according to my mood.” (Chapter 11)
  • “This truck is old enough to be your car’s grandfather -have some respect.” (Chapter 12)

There are more but I shan’t bore you with the details.

While reading this book, I kept thinking about this crap “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Remember my blog post?

But Sug, why come you was thinking about that book? I’m so glad you ask. Well, “Fifty Shades of Grey” was eerily similar to “Twilight.” Here’s how:


  • Both ladies went after an unattainable vampire and dirt bag men.
  • Both ladies were clumsy.
  • Both had similar body language (playing with their hands, knitting of the eye brows, looking down, blushing)
  • Both ladies were young and inexperienced.
  • Both men have been around the block and or the globe.
  • Both ladies were a bit thirsty for the affection of the men.
  • Both men have this stalker I-know-where-you-are-at-all-times appeal.
  • Both men say that the ladies should stay away them.

I’m going to leave it at that, because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read the books. The difference between the books, besides the quality of writing, was that one man was a vampire   while the other man wanted to beat the crap out of you. Bothered by the similarities in the book, I decided to consult with Google. According to the interweb, “Fifty Shades of Grey” is fanfiction (stories about characters written by fans of the original work).



You can take someone’s book, change the characters name, give them a whip and call it “Fifty Shades of Grey?”




Anywho, I’m halfway through “New Moon” and I picked up “Eclipse” today from the thrift store. I can’t wait to finish. I love reading good books.

That’s all. Thanks for reading. :D

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  • Rochelle

    I read all of Twilight Saga books, and it is a page turner. Especially when you get to the third installment. I haven’t read Fifty Sade’s of Grey, but my sister said the same thing about the two book, that Fifty Shades of Grey reminded her of Twilight. However, Twilight has better writing. Anywho, can you please blog about the Twilight books when you’re finished? Have you watched the movies?

    • suggie

      I most certainly will. I have a LOT to say about the second book. I have about 100 pages left with that one. I haven’t watched the movies…yet.

  • Autumn

    I freakin love the Twilight series!! I read all of them a couple years back. Couldn’t put them down. I’ve also seen all of the movies that are out… The movies have gotten better. 1st one sucked. lol. Enjoy. #TeamEdward

    • suggie

      I heard the movies were terrible. Plus, I prefer to read the book then watch the movie AND then spend hours comparing the two. Lol

  • dekadaye

    50 shades of grey is similar to twilight because the author was inspired by the twilight saga. i watched an interview with her, and she said after reading twilight she started writing her own saga

  • She

    I’m a huge bookworm and I really enjoyed the Twilight series, but I didn’t care for the movies… at all. With that being said, I recently saw the preview for the final Twilight movie and it looks like a winner! I’d like to read your thoughts about the series when you finish. Also, in case you’re interested, Stephanie Meyer also wrote part of Twilight from Edward’s perspective. She became upset when the rough draft was leaked on the internet (typos and all) so she scrapped it. It’s called Midnight Sun and it’s an interesting read, given Edward’s stalker tendencies and all. Lol You can find it on the Goodreads website and I guess other places on the web too.

    I’m off to read what you thought about Fifty Shades. I saw the author of Fifty on The View and she said she read Twilight and loved it so much that she decided to write Fifty (same setting, same type of characters and all) <—my opinion.

    • suggie

      Awesome. I’ll check it out. Book worms unite!

  • Natasha

    Loved twilight better than 50 shades! Any day, any time! :-)

  • ladylittlefoot

    Just saw this and thought of you.


    • suggie

      Oh my GAWD! Yes! Yes! Thank you for this.

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