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OOTD: Featuring a Vintage Bedazzled Green Shirt!! - whoissugar, the blog

OOTD: Featuring a Vintage Bedazzled Green Shirt!!


Remember this video^? But Sug, no I don’t remember that video. I’ll hold while you familiarize yourself with it.




Moving right along.

In that video, I showed you guys this shirt >

I know what you’re thinking. But Sug, that shirt is all types of terrible and stuff. Feel free to call the fashion police. Could you tell them to pick up some dinner before they come over? Anywho, a lot of people were wondering how I styled the bedazzled shirt so…BAM!

O_o to the tag showing on my tank.

(Can you see my lil muscles in my legs?)

Shirt: Thrift store

Tank: BCBG

Skirt: Urban Outfitters for $10.00 (I got it while I was in NY)

Shoes: Dani Black

Bracelets: Blue one, Pier 1; Pink one, from a flee market in NY. I got this while I was in NY too.

Ok, lemme say this about the shirt.

  1. The little record disk bedazzled situation was getting caught up in my naps. #wallslide
  2. Them janks was HIGHLY reflective and such. I’m saying, me + this shirt + high noon = SPARKLES!!
  3. I’m going to modify the shirt (later) by cutting the bottom and the collar.
  4. I can almost kinda see why it was in the thrift store.

But Sug, what about your hair?


My hair has been in two strand twists all week. I decided to take them down and cutify myself.

I took several sections and two strand twisted the bottom.

You guys have seen this style before in THIS VIDEO. Suma y’all DID NOT APPROVE OF MY HAIR! lol But you know, Imma wear it anyway! POW!

Thanks for reading. :D

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  • Z. Bridges~TGBG4life

    Hey Sug!!
    This is really cute! I would have never thought to pull the bedazzled shirt up to show the solid tank! I am loving that skirt and shoes too! I think I am going to have to go through my closet and start pairing up some stuff.. LOL

    • suggie

      Thanks! Do it honey. I’m sure you have all types of awesomeness in your closet.

  • CharliGirl868

    OOOOOOHHH, but Sug, you are fresh2def (I know that nobody says that anymore but #sowhat)!! The more I watch you, I’m seeing that somewhere we got separated at birf cuz we gots so many similarities—Cat named Tiny (me, past tense–now we have Cupcake), we used to play the flute a billion years ago, we got natural hair, my husband be going to the thrift store and getting me ALL kinds of clothes, shoes & stuff – I need so many operations that the surgeons would get rich offa me and we both have those expressive faces. Whereas your trademark is the side-eye, mine is the eye roll up to the left. The only thing iCan’t do is 2 more sons…sorry, closed up the shoe, tore down the sign and put of Gone Outta Business.

    I so luv your fashions and energy. You make me laugh so hard that my co-workers have been determined to haul me off to the state mental hospital up the road. I keep telling them that they would turn me away at the front gate!!

    Keep doing what you do best and that’s doing YOU!

    • suggie

      Aww, thank you for your comment. It’s nice to know that there are like minded people out there. (BEAM)

  • Kelley

    Very Cute!

    • suggie

      Thank you!

  • The Curly Oenophile

    The coolest part is that your hair and the shoes pull this outfit together. I guess that’s why we tend to have a lot of shoes and spend so much time with our hair(thinking about it, buying products for it, blogging about. lol). We know that if the top and the bottom are out of whack, the rest doesn’t matter. Very nice outfit. So out of the box.

    • suggie

      Ha! Amen to that. I’m big on shoes.

    • suggie

      Oh and thank you.