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30 Americans Exhibition

Oh what an awesome day I had at the Chrysler Museum of Art. Today was the last day for the 30 Americans exhibition tour. 30 Americans showcased 30 contemporary African American artists and some of their most prolific pieces of artwork over the past 3 decades. Of course I went crazy with taking pictures (I took well over 60). Here are some of my favorite pieces.

*Warning, some of the images may be disturbing to you. The one thing I LOVE about art is, it will illicit all types of emotions and it encourages dialog. 

(Glenn Ligon, Untitled, 2005)


(Kara Walker, Camptown Ladies, 1998) But Sug, that is the worst panoramic shot we have even seen. I blame my cellular technology for how this ^ looks.

This number occupied 1 entire wall and 1/4 of two walls. WOW!

Interactive art!! That’s all me y’all!!

(Kehinde Wiley, Triple Portrait of Charles I, 2007) When I saw this joint, I screamed (a silent scream). This triplicate is AMAZING and the details are inspiring. Wow. Just Wow!!

(Jeff Sonhouse, Graphic by Design, 2008) Yo, his hair is made up of matches!! WOW!

(Jeff Sonhouse, Visually Impaired, 2008) This photo does this piece NO justice. Can you see the texture? Wow. Just WOW!

(Jeff Sonhouse, Exhibit A: Cardinal Francis Arinze, 2005) You betta look like Spike Lee. Tell me why son has a charcoal necklace. #swag

(Noah Davis, Basic Training 1,2,3,4, 2008)

(Kerry James Marchall, Untitled, 1998-1999) Mr. Kerry, I know this is supposed to be 8 panels BUT my cellular device doesn’t understand math. #panoramicfail

(Xaviera Simmons, Appear, Appeases, Applaud (Also Perhaps, Maybe), 2008) I absolutely love the composition of this photo.

(Xaviera Simmons, One Day and Back Then (Seated), 2007) This photo is beautiful and moving and WOW!

(Xaviera Simmons, One Day and Back Then (Standing), 2007)

(Hanks Willis Thomas, Priceless, 2004) This photo made me gasp. Powerful. Bullet 60 cents…

(Glen Ligon, Gold Nobody Knew Me #1, 2007) Well, there it is.

(Gary Simmons, Duck, Duck, Noose, 1992) *GASP* POWERFUL!

(Barkley L. Hendricks, Noir, 1978) LOVE!

(Michalene Thomas, Baby I Am Ready Now, 2007) AMAZING!

(John Miller, It’s Good For You, 2011-2012) #nomnomnom This is blown glass.

(John Miller, Light-n-Sweet, 2011-2012)

(John Miller, CB w/L, T and pickles, 2011-2012) WOW!!

(John Miller, Sweet-n-Sassy, 2011-2012) These remind me of my friend Jon. LOL! #insider

(Portraits of Black Americans 1987-90) WOW! What a beautiful photo of a beautiful person. His features are amazing. His eyes. His skin. His hair. I love his expression even though it looks like he doesn’t have eyebrows.


So yeah, I’m so inspired. What an awesome exhibit.

If 30 Americans comes to your city, you should check it out. Thanks for reading. :D

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  • CharliGirl868

    Very powerful exhibit. Thanks for posting this. The Duck, Duck Noose painting is chilling. I learned from my father’s last surviving aunt that one of their brothers was lynched. It explains a lot of feelings that both my parents had, but never explained to me as a kid. Either because I was too young or the memories were too painful. Its a lot different when you’ve been personally touched by something like that.

    • suggie

      It not a painting but an actual display. I was SHOCKING to see. You should have seen how everyone was responding to it. Very powerful.

  • Daphne

    I am so sorry I missed that exhibit. I love the Chrysler especially since it’s free now.

    • suggie

      It was amazing! I didn’t realize that the museum was now free. They said they are closing in January for renovations.