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OOTD: Featuring a Pink Dress and Neon Yellow Pumps! - whoissugar, the blog

OOTD: Featuring a Pink Dress and Neon Yellow Pumps!

This OOTD (Outfit of the the Day) was actually 2 days ago. My husband and I were about to go on a HOT date. So, I decided to turn on my inner YES MA’AM and rock a pink dress and yellow neon pumps (Shoemint’s Kaylen). This look puts me in the mood of color blocking…but not really. Anywho, this is what I wore. :D

YAAAS!! This ^ is how you pose when you think you’re cute. Smh.

Dress is BCBG Generation

You see them muscles^ tho?

I went for a bit of color blocking with the turquoise purse. :D

Earrings came from the thrift store many years ago.

Bracelets: (L) Pier 1;(R) Festival…I think

Purse: Antonio Melani

I LOVES ME A BIG PURSE! I don’t care if they are NOT in style.

Belt: I made this many moons ago. It’s the top of a pair of old jeans.

I wanted to wear a different belt…but I couldn’t find it. :(

Shoes: Shoemint these bad boys are a show stopper!

You also saw them in this video:


On the “OUCH SCALE” with 1 being no discomfort and 10 being flames to your foot, I would give these a 5.


But Sug, what about your hair?

This is how my hair looks. ^_^

Here is the video:


That’s all. Thanks for listening. :D

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  • CharliGirl868

    The outfit is nice. Them earrings tho, I used to have some just like them. Now I know what happened to them. :-) Its alright Sug, you rock them with yo pink dress and yellow shoes and handmade denim belt. So cute.

    • suggie

      LOL! I thank you for sending them to the thrift store. ^_^

  • Kayla

    This whole look is just adorable Shug. I love your hair as well. The video is in my subscriptions but I haven’t gotten to it yet. lol.

    • suggie

      Thanks Kayla!

  • Jessica

    Like I said before (on one of your vids),”the things you can do with old jeans” Your respsone:Recycle lol.You look beautiful!I thought u stated in your video that this dress was short.It doesnt look short at all.

    • suggie

      LOL! I am team recycle! The dress seems short to me but all that stuff is relative. I was a breeze away from having all my things showing. O_O

  • Missez B

    You are the flyest!

    • suggie


  • Celeste Turner

    I really really love your belt that you made many many moons ago…

    • suggie

      Thank you!

  • FV

    I absolutely love your blog and that video was hysterical you are a riot! and a lot of fun. LOVE U

    • suggie

      Thanks for the love. ^_^

  • trina

    Just ordered them, I want to be able to rock them for at least 30 minutes. No platform and pointy ouch.

    • suggie

      :( I must have toes of steal. They didn’t brother me.