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today i went to a funeral - whoissugar, the blog

today i went to a funeral

she was only 6 days old

i’d never been to a funeral for a person that young before

it broke my heart to see her parents

to see the anguish on their faces

i mean





“i’m sorry” isn’t good enough

“i love you”

is what i whispered in her ear as we hugged

she trembled

and i could feel the sadness from her vibrations


as we were driving away from the grave site

i caught a glimpse of them

they were still standing there


embracing each other

you could see the hurt in their body language

my heart hurts for them

life is so precious

her name was Mya

she was only 6 days old


thanks for listening.



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  • Senecea

    I am so sorry for your loved one’s heart goes out to them..

  • nubiandread

    You said the right thing.

  • BeauGorgeousNatural

    I am very sorry to hear about baby girl Mya…these feelings are all coming back to me again. Seven years ago,my bestfriends brother and wife had their first child,full term ,and a few hours old. He was beautiful. My bestfriend wanted me to sing at the funeral but I just couldn’t. I was speechless the whole time. I just stared at the couple,the family,and broke out in tears upon approaching them. I truly know this feeling. Not a good feeling. They all came back. His name was Isaiah… My heart goes out to them…Staying strong…together…

  • CharliGirl868

    Sometimes we just don’t have the words and if we don’t have the words, its best not to search for them. A gesture of support–a hug, holding their hand or just being there says more than words can say. I can’t begin to imagine that kind of anguish. This will make me appreciate my son all the more. Prayers of comfort for your friend for their loss.

  • Latonya

    About 2 years ago, I had to bury my son. He was 7 weeks old. It most definitely is the hardest thing to go through. I wouldn’t wish that type of pain on my worst enemy. What you said was perfect. Some people don’t know what to say, so they say things that they don’t realize is insensitive. Other times people don’t say anything and that’s fine too. As for the parents, it’s a smoldering pain that will be so easily soothed. A kind word will always be appreciated. Soon they will be living in what we call a “new normal”. My heart goes out to your friends. I truly know how that feels.

    • suggie

      Thank you for bring so candid. Lots of love to you.

  • Ashley Danielle

    In times like this, all we can do is pray for God to strengthen them. I will keep the family in my prayers.

  • rhondacmcknight

    I had a 3 yr old cousin die many years ago. He fell out of the shopping cart in a BJ’s and hit his head on the cement floor. His parents took him to the ER and they sent him home. He had swelling on the brain. It was horrible, horrible, horrible. My cousin was six months pregnant at the time. He was so looking forward to having a little sister. I’m crying writing this. Anyway, I know it was hard. It was very hard to attend that funeral.

  • Sheree Sanders

    I understand the pain. LAst year 2011, I lost my baby girl 2 months before delivery while she was in my sotmach. She just died for some reason not 100 percent sure about. They said it was the cord around her neck. But I am still rejoice and happy now because God is my strength and He is the only one that knows why that happened. I put my faith in Him.

  • Cia

    I love you , for saying I love you ! I think that’s the best thing that can be said especially when its the truth. Its awkward in a way because I always thought there’s really nothing to say. . .to someone in this situation. Loosing someone so close to them. . . But you’ve find the perfect words. I love you has much increasing value. I am certainly be grateful for those words and would have felt so much more when I was in the opposite crisis like this.

    I will surely keep this family in my prayers.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • smb3rd

    My prayers go out to the family. Reminds me of one of my favorite songs written about this very tragic event; the loss of a child: “Held” by Natalie Grant.


  • Nicole Tarrats

    Oh Sug, I’m sure your words meant a lot to them. What you said as beautiful & meaningful&my heart goes out to them. God bless

  • cygnet

    “I love you” was perfect.

    I recently held a very long overdue memorial for my little boy, Jordan, whom I miscarried 23 years ago. It’s taken me this long to grow beyond the pain enough. God’s grace kept me breathing, but what kept me from feeling utterly lost was knowing my Mama loved me and was hurting right along with me. She kept hugging me and holding me and generally making it safe for me to feel.

    It takes awhile sometimes for people to get to a place of life beyond the immediacy of such a shock. Receiving love from someone can make the journey more bearable than it might otherwise be. I don’t believe in making promises about things I can’t guarantee; but if in years to come you could see the memories this couple have of this time, it’s a sure belief that your face, your voice, your arms around her, and your declaration of love will loom very large in her vault of memories. And it would shock you in a very good way just how precious the memory of that moment will be.

    God bless and reward your mercy and compassion <3.

    • suggie

      Don’t make me cry. Thank you for sharing your story.