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FLASHBACK (Friday): Week 1 of My Big Chop Natural Hair Journey! - whoissugar, the blog

FLASHBACK (Friday): Week 1 of My Big Chop Natural Hair Journey!

I’m always asked “How long have you been natural?” That usually means “How long did it take you to grow all that hair.” When I tell people that my hair was *snap* this long before…they usually look at me in disbelief. With that said, here are some old blog posts (slightly edited for grammatical errors and such) of the first week of my first big chop from 2-8 December 2004.:D


My Big Chop Natural Hair Journey ~ Week 1

Brrrrr (my head has never felt cold like this before)

Day 1, Friday

I get up early.

Wash and blow dry my hair and head to Dre’s house (a friend of mine). We go to his barber. I sat in the barber chair and the barber asks me if I’m sure. I said “yeah!” A lady who was sitting across from me gives me a look as if I was being blasphemous. She was appalled that I was about to cut off about 20 inches of hair (sorry I don’t have any before pictures. Smh). Dre did the honors and cut the first piece. No turning back now. Well I could have but how would I explain the plug of hair missing in the front of my head. 20 minutes later I have ½ inch of hair. I ran my finger though it before it was shaped and the barber was like “STOP TOUCHING YOUR HAIR, I’M NOT FINISHED YET”

I couldn’t help it, I just had to touch it. It was beautiful AND I have a nice shaped head! The barber said I looked good with or without hair. Dre said I looked a lot younger. I was loving it. I never thought I had long hair, but my hair was looking mighty long on the floor.

Fast Forward several hours. My mama couldn’t stop looking at me. She stared at me for about 45 minutes straight (without saying a word). She was really starting to unnerve me. I was frayed! Had I been a piece of silk I would have been an interwoven mess.

 WOW^                              I like the shape of my head!

But Sug, why is your face blurred?  It was about my hair, not my face.

Day 2

Um, being that it’s December…it’s just a little cold! My head is freezing! When I did the big cut (I like saying/typing that by the way) I didn’t factor in the weather. I know most folk cut their hair in the spring/summer time. However, when you have to go…you have to go. I will say, hair has awesome insulating properties…

I went out looking for a hat to wear. I was not successful at all. Most of the hats were ugly and they had the nerve to have a ball on the top of it. But not a regular ball (whatever that means) but a ball that had been injected with hormones (READ: HUGE). I’m a grown women. What I look like? I’m still feeling strange. My mama made some suggestions. “You must wear big hoop earrings and makeup to avoid that whole boy look.”

No thanks I like the way I look.

Day 3

Still obsessed with my hair. I’m starting to think I have a problem. I thought the rule was 14 days for a habit to form. Well I have it BBBBAAAAAADDDDD! It would be the equivalent to me growing a penis or big breasts. I can’t stop playing with it. Now my head is sore and I cant sleep. :(

Day 4

Sleep deprived because of my hair. How does one go from being sleep deprived because you don’t want to mess your hair up to being sleep deprived because you can’t keep your fingers out of it? I feel almost vain. I haven’t showed myself this much attention since the time I burned myself (on the forehead) with the curling iron and was trying to “cover it up.” My hair is now the topic of discussion. I can’t help it. It’s such a novelty to me and I have been taking pictures galore.

Day 5

When you don’t have the luxury of hiding behind something you must make it presentable. Skin and eyebrows! So according to a source I was looking like a neglected unicorn (Yes, I used to have a unibrow.)!

Day 6

Wow! Yes, I’m still at it. All this writing/documenting seems a bit organized, huh? It’s kind of hard trying to type and play in your hair…

Something profound dawned on me today. Where’s da hair (said like the 80′s Wendy’s Where’s the beef lady)? I don’t mean the hair on my head but the hair that would be in the:



Bathroom floor



Car, etc.

When I had lots of hair I used to shed like crazy. It’s a wonder I had any hair at all. I did find a few tiny strands of hair. I laughed because those were the first 3 hairs I’d seen since I had the big cut (Yes, I used to call it the big cut…lol)! This is totally unrelated but not really. I’ve started to attract an entirely different person. IT’S CRAZY! I’ve found this entire experience interesting.

Freshly washed^

Day 7

YAY! I survived my first week of being natural. ^_^


That’s it. Thanks for listening. :D

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  • CharliGirl868

    Thanks for the throwback post. Your hair [or lack thereof] looks nice. Not everybody can pull it off and NOT look like an alien until it grows a little bit. I can remember when my hair fell out when I was “entrusted” to comb my own hair at the age of 11.

    I had big hair, long, think, tangle-prone stuff that my old [literally] mother patiently would section, comb, brush, oil plat every few days cause I was so tender-headed it was a shame. Of course, that Johnson’s detangler was the devil and didn’t help matters until she just gave up using it—at my urging cause it wasn’t designed for OUR hair.

    At first, I thought I was big stuff cause now I can comb my own hair. Well, that didn’t turn out as great as I thought. I still don’t know exactly what I did wrong, but I started losing length, not density though. Then I burned off 2 inches of a ponytail at the hands of a marcel curling iron. After that, I begged my mother to send me to the beauty shop to get a relaxer, which for her, she was glad to do because that meant she didn’t have to spend hours upon hours shampooing, combing, etc my hair anymore…mind you, she was well into the change of life and I was 12…do the math–she had no more patience for doing my hair. But the words she told me, even after I was grown, I HATE YOU DIDN’T TAKE CARE OF YOUR HAIR. Then, I thought SHE was being caught up in the stereotype of saying I wasn’t pretty because I didn’t have long hair anymore–maybe she was, maybe not.

    Fast-forward to MANY, MANY years later. Married, a handsome husband & son. For the first 16 years I spent as a relaxed girl, still having length retention issues and me getting tired of the shedding would cut my hair at will despite how much hubby didn’t like me cutting my hair short. Until one day, almost 3 years ago, I got tired of the shedding because I was also coloring my hair—I told him, I’m going natural, no more relaxers. Nov. 2010 I started the transition and the first mini-chop. He was fine for a minute, but I wasn’t. Four months later I finally grew it enough where I wouldn’t look like Grace Jones when I said farewell to those blasted relaxed ends.

    I did the chop myself–it could have been worse, but it was a tad bit uneven. A couple days after that, I went to the barber and had it shaped into a 3 inch fro. I was so happy. He was giving me the side eye, but my son told me: “Oh mommy, you look so pretty.” I wanted to cry y’all.

    After a week, Mr. accepted the fact that 1. He can’t dictate to me about the length I want my hair to be and 2. He actually liked me natural. His words, “If you’re going to wear it natural, color it so the gray doesn’t show as much.” I could get with that cause I’m too young to be so gray, but I blame him…and I digress. :-)

    Now, I look back on those days I sat on the floor as my mother patiently, pain-stakingly worked with this frizzy, dense, tangled mane. With the limited knowledge she knew, she cared for my hair and how I, in my ignorance, squandered the beauty she was trying to teach me about OUR hair. I wish the old girl were here now to see my doing it the way SHE did—being patient and careful. I’d tell her, MOM YOU WERE RIGHT. [ugh, I could hear her tell me, YEAH, I KNOW I'M RIGHT]

    Soon Sug, I’m gonna have that big ole mane like yours and I’m going wear my big hair and DARE anybody to say, OH Look at that [insert adjective here] hair! I’mma say, YEAH, AND ITS ALL MINE!

    • suggie

      What an awesome story. Thank you for sharing your struggles and triumphs! Your mother would be proud of you. ♥

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