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10 Things People Shouldn’t Do At the Movies

Yesterday, I went to see the screening of Red Hook Summer (Review coming on the 27th) and I was reminded why I don’t like going to the movies. Here are 10 things that I think people shouldn’t do at the movies. O_O

  1. Bring a baby or small child to a rated R movie. I know you really wanna see that movie, but if your infant has angry baby syndrome or terrible twos disorder, it’s not the best idea to bring him/her. Try to find a sitter or wait 3 weeks for that joint to come to the red box.    
  2. Text and or update social media websites. 9 times out of 10,  your message can wait PLUS that glowing light is distracting.
  3. Eat smelly food. I know smelly is relative, however, the smelly food most likey came from your home or some food establishment outside of the movies.
  4. Is that a potato chip bag? Like 3, this bag came from outside of the movie theater AND is noisy. Too bad potato chips don’t come in a box…
  5. Come sick. Misery loves company and so does the cooties. STAY. HOME…until you feel better OR Wait 3 weeks for that joint to come to the red box.
  6. Act out or react to 80% of movie. I get it. You’ve seen this move a bunch of times. I would like to react to the movie and NOT react to you reacting to the movie
  7. Comes with loud B.O.This includes must, cigarettes, gym funk, too much perfume, cologne, sex…
  8. Piraters. Really? People still do this? Really? The movie will be at the red box in 3 weeks and on TV in 4. You can wait.
  9. Theater seat direct*. I know you don’t want to that lady to go up them stairs, go out that door, back to that man, answer that phone, put on that dress, HOWEVER, try to refrain from having a one sided conversation with the screen.
  10. Bring weapons. Are you security? Um, yeah I didn’t think so. Leave that home. Matter fact, you stay at home.

That’s it. Thanks for listening. :D

*I’ve been guilty of this.

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  • CharliGirl868

    Girl, you ain’t never lied.

    I had a guilty pleasure. I used to get them bootlegs before they came out with Red Box [I had a friend of a friend of a friend who'd I'd them from for free] and watch it, but then rent it from that other video venting machine situation that I forgot the name of and it seemed boring cuz I actually missed the laughing you’d hear on the bootleg, but I digress.

    I hate when folks do that stuff and then some, such as:

    1. People who sit behind you and kick your seat.
    2. People who don’t know you supposed to go to the bathroom BEFORE you come and sit down.
    3. People who only come to make out & grope each other cuz its dark. Go get a room or stay your horny selves at home.
    4. People who come in after everybody done sat down, the trailers are over and the movie starts then hear you come trying to find a seat and cuz they can’t see, they sit down in what they think is an empty seat–and they sit on you!!


    Had that happen…some strange guy sat on me…or at least he tried cause I went to swinging and my husband was like, man, get off my wife! Girl, it was almost a fight.

    Sug girl, you needs to sit down & write a book on all these social do’s and don’ts. It shall be entitled SUG’S GUIDE ON HOW TO AVOID SITUATIONS THAT CAUSE THE SIDE-EYE o-O

    • suggie

      Lol! Oh. Em. Gee. No the man didn’t they to sit on you! Um, sir get your life.

  • Marlene

    I know what you mean!! I went to the movies the other day and the peoples kids was making so much noise that a fight broke out in the middle of the movie. That’s crazy.
    I am guilty of sometimes carrying food in the movie. I do it cuz the food in the theaterv are expensive.

    • suggie

      I’ve had outside food too. Lol

  • Exult13

    Thanks Sug, I been cracking up over your top 10, Thanks for sharing!

    #3 My best friend & date took and ate Black Eye Peas, Fried Chicken LMAO

    #6 While watching Sparkle on Friday, the young lady 2 seats over starts talking as if she’s talking to me as I turn in her direction, I realize she’s talking to the screen. I know this Heifer not having a conversation with Whitney… the loudest SHHHHHHHH came from my lips she turns and says “oh sorry” !

    #10 Guilty my husband prior military won’t leave home without it even b4 the Colorado situation…

    • suggie

      Lol! #6