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Flashback: Week 2 and 3 of Whoissugar's Natural Hair Journey

FLASHBACK (Friday): Week 2 and 3 of my Natural Hair Journey

This is a flashback post of my natural hair journey from 2004*. If you missed my week 1 flashback post, Click HERE. Anywho, here are weeks 2 and 3. :D

Hair Journal ~ Week 2
They say it takes two weeks to form a habit…

Day 9
You know this time last week. I was good and crazy! I’m getting used to my new look!

16 Dec 04 Day 14
Wow, it’s been almost two weeks. I swear my hair is growing…already. My mama says I’m having pseudo hair growing symptoms. Who knows. I’m loving my hair texture. I can’t stay out of the mirror. I’m not vain, however, I’m just loving my do. It’s sooooooo easy!

17 Dec 04
It’s a been a whole two weeks and I’m still loving it. I look sooo different. I’m starting to wonder if I even had  hair. I can’t seem to remember it. I have found myself looking at old pictures, not with longing or with regret but with amazement with how different I look. You know I left home looking one way just two weeks ago, and I came home looking another way.

This way!! 

How does one forget what they look like? I guess if you’ve looked a certain way for so long, it may be difficult to adjust to You 2.0.

I’ve found that a lot of people will pick a feature and nurse it. Mine was my hair. I had these proverbial strikes against me. But I was like: “At least I got hair!” I have turned into that bald headed chick…and I love it. You know if someone made a comment about my hair being short. I wouldn’t even say anything. The thought of saying: “You know, I used to have hair this long…(while pulling out a photo album),” disgusts me.

Hair Journal ~ Week 3
Who’s that girl?… OH, THAT’S ME!

18 Dec 04
This whole I don’t recognize myself thing has gone to a completely different level . How does one scare oneself because of a misunderstanding? Soooo, I was going to my car. As I approach, I see a reflection (mine but I don’t realize it). I jumped, turned around and was ready to fight. Mind you it was only one reflection and it was me. Kinda like footprints in the sand…

Being that it’s the holiday season, people are crazier than a two door minivan and I wasn’t going to go out like a punk. I was ready to fight, but it was only  me. I sat in my car laughing and thankful. My heart was beating fast. Hehehehhehehehe I can laugh at it now.

19 Dec 04
I had my very first run in with an opinionated person at Lowes. She said and I quote: “Your hair is nice but you should put in a texturizer for that natural look. It will look really good on you.” Now I could have said something crass but I didn’t. I told her that I was fine with my own natural hair!

22 Dec 04
I’m soooo sick. I was under the weather last week too. Something finally dawned on me. I think I’m sick from all the hair washing I do [no, you can't catch a cold from being cold slash wet hair.]. I went from washing my hair every 2-5 days to daily or even twice a day. By accident of course. I would forget to turn the shower knob in the opposite direction so when I cut the shower on, my hair would get wet. Also, I still can’t get over my new do so what better way to show it love than to wash it.

Well I have gone through a lot of product. More than when I had hair, however, I’m using less during each application. Also, the weather in my state is crazier than a motorcycle with a third seat. One moment it would be cold and the next hot. AND the whole hat thing…(see week 1, entry 2) Man I’m really going trough it! :( Soooo I haven’t washed my hair in over 24 hours and I don’t plan on washing it tomorrow I’ll wash it on Christmas. I haven’t even been feeling my hair up today. So strange. I have to keep in mind that it’s not summer and it’s probably not wise to wash my hair daily.

I was sick, but I still managed to wash my hair and take a pic.

That’s it. Thanks for listening. :D

*This post has been been lightly editing for grammatical errors and misspelled words. Smh

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  • CharliGirl868

    Sug girl, I’m enjoying being the fly on the wall albeit 8 yrs after the fact. I LOL’d at you getting ready to fight your reflection cause you didn’t recognize yourself. Why did I laugh? It happened to me.

    After my wild, wicked, wop-sided half-arsed big chop and the [clearing throat] adjustment, my hair was about 3 inches all around. I walked in my bathroom to do business and walked passed my mirrors [yes, 2 large ones---one at my vanity on the left wall & the other on the right where the sinktop is] and jumped outta my body & I promise my fro was still standing by that mirror by the sink while I was almost falling head first into my Jacuzzi tub. My heart was stuck to the wall and my humor was standing on the toilet pointing and laughing. Yeah, I had a double reflection whammy. It took me a minute to recover from that one.

    I had that hair feeling up thing for about a week and washed my hair [still do] about 3 times a week, depending on how much product I have in it.

    To think, you started from [[snapping fingers]] that much hair to #POOF #POW #ALLTHATHAIR SO COOL!!

    • suggie

      Lol! We should start a campaign to warn newly natural.

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