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Mirror Mirror by Gregory Maguire: A "What Did I Just Read" Book Review

Mirror Mirror by Gregory Maguire: A “What Did I Just Read” Book Review

It is 453 a.m. on the 24th of August and I just finished reading Mirror Mirror by Gregory Maguire I don’t know if it’s fatigue, but I’m sitting here wondering what I just read. This wonderment is not a good thing. First, I would like to thank Google for helping me clarify some things related to this book. I guess I could blame the fact that I’m sleepy plus I was insistent on finishing this book, today. Before I get into the review here a few of my favorite lines.

  • “I’ve never been persuaded you had so much of a soul. More like a damp anchovy stuck between your breasts, trying to breathe. That’s what you smell like, anyway.” (1502) #shade #fightingwords #shotsfired
  • “Humans shorten their lives by gossip…” (1502)
  • The notion of disobedience occurs, in time, to everyone.” (1506)
  • “Even God uses silence as a strategy.” (1506)
  • Ubi est penna vesta?” -meaning not only Where is your pen? but also Where is your pe’nis?” (1506)
  • The way a man slakes his thirst and a woman slakes her thirst are not identical, for they thirst for different things.” (1506)
  • “…because mirrors don’t lie about men, only women.” (1512)

Sadly, this book has been sitting on my shelf for the past 7 YEARS (maybe longer). Me thinks that was a sign.

I purchased it after I read Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. I ABSOLUTELY love the book Wicked. I love how Macguire takes classic stories and puts an interesting sometimes twisted spin on them. Seven years later it took me a whole week to finish this book.

The story is about Bianca de Nevada. For all you non-bilingual non-smarty pants out there, that translates to Snow White. She lives with her loving father Don Vincente de Nevada, sassy cook Primavera Vechia and even as sassier priest, Fra Ludovico. I know what you’re thinking: “Them long names tho?” That’s what I said. The names had every letter in the alphabet in them a LOT of letters in them and Maguire insisted on using their FULL names throughout most of the book.

Although the story is about Bianca, the voice in the book is of Lucrezia Borgia, an evil, jealous and messy queen. Long story short, Bianca’s father is sent on a mission. When he returns some years later, things are not as he thought they should be. Bianca was missing chile! She was living all up in the woods under the “care” of 8 7 MALE dwarfs…that were made of stone AFTER Lucrezia sent her to the woods to die.

If you follow me on Twitter, I tweeted about a particular incident in this book.

(Read from the bottom up.)

Moving right along… Let me tell you why this book kinda sucks. Although Maguire has a wonderful ability to paint a picture with words, some parts of this book were a bit too abstract. I was annoyed by Lucrezia and her obsession with Bianca. I was annoyed by the constant shift in the view points. I was annoyed by Bianca’s inability to just die the first few times. I mean how many times must you encounter death before you realize maybe I shouldn’t open that door? Smh

Further, I was left with too many question. Apparently my deductive reasoning wasn’t working because I had to consult with Google to see who was dead, who was alive and who was what, were and why?

This book was a bit slow and it required too much from me. Sadly, I think people will always compare anything Maguire writes (emails and tweets included) to Wicked. Although some parts of this book gave me literary life, this book failed to do it for me. Have you read it? If so, what are your thoughts?

That’s it. Thanks for listening. :D

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  • CharliGirl868

    I read this post just to get a good laugh cause I have no intention on even locating this book to be perplexed by it. I’m wit ya on Ms. Sweet Brown ~ AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!! O-o

    When you gonna write your book so I can get me some literary life and do a review. Yeah, I’d do that just for you. :-) I’d have to have a whole notebook for favorite lines cause chile, you’d have a truckload.

    • suggie

      This book was one of the worst books ever. He’s an awesome writer, but I can’t be bothered.

  • Natasha

    Another book for me to read…..wicked, that is. I’m not trying to deal with no foolishness of mirror, mirror. Me trusts your judgement on books so far.

    • suggie

      Ha! You’ll love Wicked!!

  • Callie

    this book review made me lol. When I saw Ms Sweet Brown I lost it. I’ve tried to listen to Wicked on audio but I just couldn’t get into it. I may try again. Are you on goodreads or shelfari? Have you read the Hunger Games trilogy? I would love to hear/read your views on them. I’ve read them twice

    • suggie

      Girl, Wicked is thick…but I loved it. I’m not on any of those websites…yet. I have hunger games but I plan on reading it next. I don’t have the other 2 in the trilogy…yet.

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