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Updates and Such for My Blog and YouTube Channel(s)!!

Updates and Such for My Blog and YouTube Channel(s)!!

I’m going to pretend that y’all care. LOL! Anywho, I know that I’ve been ALL OVER THE PLACE with regard to my blog and YouTube channel over the past few months. Feel free to contact the complaints department and file a complaint. The week before last, I blogged EVERYDAY! Last week, not so much. But Sug, what’s going on? Well, life happened and I’ve been working on some stuff behind the scenes. :D So, this blog post is dedicated to updates and such. #POW

With that said, here is my new and improved schedule.

  • Monday-Wednesday-Friday: I’ll be BLOGGING all up on here (Unless, I feel inclined to blog additional days.)!
  • Tuesday and Thursday: I’ll be VLOGGING on whoissugar on YouTube
  • Random: I’ll be VLOGGING on butsugdotcom on YouTube

But Sug, what is this talk of butsugdotcom? Oh, It’s mah new YouTube channel.

Here is the first video:


Here is the video announcement on my main channel:


Meh don’t like how the “play” triangle is covering my mouth.

So that’s what the dilly is, yo! That’s all I got as far as updates are concerned. Of course they are subject to change without notice.

That’s it. Thanks for listening. :D

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  • CharliGirl868

    That POW pic gave me life. I need that. You took me back to the day of the old school Batman show. You might be a li’l too young to even know about that. Fight scenes, they’d display the effects on the screen POW, OOF, BANG, etc. I’d watch it just for that cause I didn’t care about the show otherwise. Nuttin’ like seeing Batman and Robin whoopin’ up on them bad guys. It was so cool that they even had it in the intro.

    Its great for the updates and I understand your A.D.D. and randomness is just trying to find a place to sit down, but I know its like that dog walking in circles until you find just that right spot. Can’t wait.

    • suggie

      Hush up! I lived for those cartoons and the music that went with the effects! POW! Yes, I remember. I have a nature post that I pushed back that made me think of you. I think I’ll drop it Monday. LOL!! But yeah, I’m trying to get all of this mess in order. I just spent that past 2 hours looking for a video and I SWORE the boogie man took. Smh.

  • Nemetria

    About to go subscribe I love your random videos as well as your OOTD and tutorials

    • suggie

      Thanx love.