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Flashback Week 4 Natural Hair Journey + 1 Month Learning Expereince

Flashback Friday: Week 4 Natural Hair Journey + 1 Month Learning Experience

If you missed my other natural hair journey flashback posts, you might want to get up on that thang HERE and HERE. :D

HAPPY HOLIDAYS (1 Month Down)! 

25 Dec 04

MERRY CHRISTMAS (or whatever your get down is)!!!!

So here it is, Christmas day and the person who loves to talk has lost her voice. I’m sooooo sad. You know something profound is going to be said to me and I’m not going to be able to verbally respond. AND my hair is matted…a bulletproof kind of matted. :( In other news, my mama bought me a coat with a hood for Christmas! Yeah!

 27 Dec 04

My TWA is almost a month old! Yeah. I still feel/look like crap. However, you know you can wake up your hair by using aloe gel. Man my hair loves that stuff.

31 Dec 04

My do is now a month old and it’s cool because it’s New Years Eve! I still feel crappy but I’m trying to snap myself out of it.

Trying to get myself together!Dancing to Prince’s Erotic City. Still trying to get myself together!It’s good to laugh at yourself.Look how much it has grown.

1 Month Learning Experience!

After 4 weeks of learning about my natural hair…

Week 1 Learning Experience:

  • Try to leave it alone
  • There is no such thing as good hair.
  • I have different hair textures!
  • Your hair will grow back.
  • Natural hair is beautiful.
  • There are tons of natural hair definitions.
  • Make sure your eyebrows are tight!
  • Barbers have no problem cutting your hair.
  • Your hair will be matted when you lay on it. Yes I said matted. Just to give you a visual let me give you Encarta’s definition of the word matted: tangled, forming a thick tangled mess. Yes short hair can mat.
  • Hair (or lack there of) doesn’t make a person.
  • Don’t allow anyone to discourage you from going natural!
  • Conditioner is your homey!
  • It’s sort of costly to go natural (in the beginning you want to try different products and see what works best for you).
  • Hair (and skin) love water from the inside and outside.

Haircut (including tip): $20.00

Conditioners (rinse out type, leave-ins and homemade conditioner ingredients): $20.00
Scissors: $15.00
Picks 2 at $1.50: $3.00
Being able to look in the mirror and see how beautiful you are PRICELESS!

(Que the cheesy music now)

Week 2 Learning Experience

  • Okay…so maybe I should buy some more earrings.
  • If you have thick hair it appears to be thicker when it’s short.
  • Now that I don’t really comb my hair I can find all of my combs/brushes.
  • Get rid of your curling irons/rollers/flat irons/etc.
  • At this juncture I have no problem with my hair and I have no intention on relaxing it again.
  • Now I know what they mean when they say “you know my left side looks better than my right side.” I’m telling you one side looks better than the other. People say I’m being crazy.
  • I am a hair product fiend. I spent a lot of money on hair stuff. I’m not going to buy anything else, man (said while twitching). I need to use what I have already. Also, I don’t have enough hair to see what works and what doesn’t.
  • I feel like I know all of me now! You know a lot of women/men have no idea what their natural hair looks like.
  • I wish I would have cut my hair earlier.
  • I look strange in pictures. I almost don’t recognize myself in pictures. I had no idea how much I was hiding behind my hair.
  • I see why criminals who want to elude authorities cut their hair.
  • Hmmm I have really large eyes.
  • I get a lot of the “I think I know you/you look like someone I know” comments.

Week 3 Learning Experience

  • Natural hair does mat. I don’t care what you put on it. Scarf, not scarf it mats.
  • Don’t wash your hair everyday.
  • If you can’t seem to find a hat to put on your head make sure you wear a scarf and or wear a coat with a hood.
  • Make sure you moisturize your scalp.
  • Don’t comb matted hair. Wet it first!
  • Wow, I was really hiding behind my hair.
  • If my naps were a G I Joe action figure, it would have the kung fu grip!
  • Hair should not be crunchy.
  • My name is Sugar and I’m a product junkie. I’ve spent a small fortune on hair products.

Week 4 Learning Experience

  • Only comb your hair if it is wet or really damp you need that slippage.
  • I think my portable heater may be drying my hair out. Heat is the devil! Being that it’s winter you have to keep your hair moisturized.  Dry=Breakage.

That’s it. Thanks for listening. :D

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  • CharliGirl868

    Its because of you and others on Youtube that I haven’t had to learn things the hard way. I so appreciate the wisdom I’m getting.

    Matted hair O.M.G….ooh chile I ain’t had matted hair since I was a kid and I got a hairbrush tangled up in it. Yup. Talking about a mission of LAWD HAM-MERCY cuz I was, as my mama said, A HOLLERING JAP. I don’t know how many of ‘em it took to get that brush from outta my head, but ask me how look it took before I let my mama comb my hair. I think I woulda been a PERFECT candidate for dreads–and it wasn’t even stylish back then.

    You know I’m LOL at your blurry pics, right? I understand what you was trying to do back then & stuff, but uh, no…I’m sure there’s a better way to do it. ha ha ha ha ha

    But seriously, I’m comparing your past journey to my present journey and I’m taking notes and seeing what’s the same/different. So far, not too much different and I’m sure once I get that more massive hair, I’ll appreciate all the more what I have learned and continue to learn. Keep it going.

    • suggie

      You’ll see down the road that I got lazy with the blurring. Smh I started blurring it cause ppl were stealing my photos pretending to be me and making it NOT about hair.

      Chile, let us not talk about matted up kids hair. Lol

      • CharliGirl868

        O-O [BLINKING in disbelief]
        Stealing pictures & pretending to be you? Now that’s a step beyond stealing the sweetness outta gingerbread!! WOW!!! I thought I heard it all. [shrugs shoulders] hmmph, I guess.

  • Nia

    That was really nice and you have to copyright your pictures, cause people be stealing like a mug.

    • suggie

      Girl yes! People are a mess.

  • glamazini

    I’m LOLing because your eyes are blurred on one picture. Little did we know that in 2012 that would no longer be the case.

    • suggie

      Ha! That was back in 2004 when picture theft was at an all time high. Lol

  • Nemetria

    learning experience tips were def needed

    • suggie

      Awesome! I learned a lot in 30 days.