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Confessions of a Bookworm

Confessions of a Bookworm

While reading a book that should be titled “The Never, Never, NEVER Ending Story,” it occurred to me that I have some peculiar interesting reading habits. But Sug, you look like someone who has lots of peculiar habits. These reading habits made me wonder if I am alone in my condition. These are my confessions.

Confessions of a bookworm Top 10:

  1. I don’t have a dedicated bookmark per se. I mean I have a bookmark (that is intended for marking books) but I usually end up using random items to mark my book.
  2. I HATE long chapters. I’m not sure why this sends me over the deep end BUT chile, it does. If the chapters seems too long, I find myself counting the pages to see how many pages I have left in that chapter. While looking to see how many pages I have left, I’m slightly paranoid  that I will read something on one of the pages that will spoil the book for me. Smh
  3. I am also paranoid about mistakenly reading the last page of the last chapter.
  4. I own LOTS of books that I yet to read.
  5. I’ll read almost anything.
  6. I would rather read a book than watch TV.
  7. I wish I could force encourage people to read the same book that I’m reading so that I can discuss it with a real live person.
  8. Thick books send me over the deep end.
  9. When I get to the page before the last page of the book, I get anxious.
  10. I Would rather read a paper book and not a Kindle.

What are your confessions of a bookworm?

That’s it. Thanks for reading. :D

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  • CharliGirl868

    You know what Sug, you have me addicted to you, right?? Okay, I have to start my morning by seeing if you posted a new blog and/or video.

    I read this post and I actually feel ashamed because I’m not the reader that I used to be. Its not that I don’t want to, but I just haven’t made the time. Your posts always take me back to a few of them years when I was growing up when my hair was down to there and no bigger than a matchstick. My sister/mama, in addition to ensuring that I always used proper enunciation and diction, also made me read to her every night before bed. There’s no excuse for me because I truly cannot remember how old I was when I learned to read, but I do know it was before I started kindergarten. I remember that my kindergarten teacher was rather incensed with me that I didn’t have a concept of what socialization with children my own age was, but could read on nearly a 3rd grade level. I couldn’t understand why she was so incensed because I felt that if I knew how to read, that was one less thing she had to teach me…of course, now as a parent of an only child, I know that socialization with other children is an important part of the child’s development.

    So why don’t I read as much now is the question that I continue to ponder. I’m sure there’s a lot of terms that could be used from your line of work to analyze me, but I ne’er shutter to think of howt long list of issues would be to describe me. I can surmise it to basically my adult A.D.D. and perhaps lingering burnout I experienced upon graduation from high school.

    I have picked up a few good books and read them in perhaps a week or less, depending on the level of interest. My last, Foxy Brown in Three Acts. [I know that's probably not the exact title--its Pam Grier's bio] I guess I gravitate towards the biographies more than fiction. My longest book, Dorothy Dandridge by Donald Bogle–that joint was 625 pages and I read it in 2 weeks. My goal is to increase the books on my shelf on Shelfari. [do you have one of those accounts?]

    One day, I will get back into the better habit of reading. I applaud you girl for just doing it like you do. The bookmarks tho, I so understand. My personal fave that I have used is a paperclip. I also used to have a crocheted chain that I used to have–don’t know what happened to it. I guess when I get back into reading, I’ll make myself another one.

    • suggie

      Nope. I’m not a member of Safari. Chile, I have a hard time managing all of these networks. Lol

      I’ve been a reader all my life and I remember my mama used to get mad at me cause I would read all the novels she bought me in a day or two. I used to read EVERYTHING dictionaries too. Smh

      When I was in college, I didn’t read much. Now I’m back at it. ^_^ Thx for your comment

      • CharliGirl868

        Reading dictionaries. I didn’t do that, but I did read encyclopedias. I guess that’s probably why I’m almost like a walking encyclopedia of randomness. I used to watch Jeopardy just to see how many answers/questions I could answer correctly. Drives my husband crazy. I’m working on that son of mine and his reading. He reads well and comprehends well, but like me, that short attention span discriminates. He’s worrying me now about when the next “Wimpy Kid” book will be out. He got one from the library and read it in a day, he’s 10.

        If you get a book club, that’ll be good, but honey, when you gonna find the time? #SMH

        • suggie

          Team Read! I love it. If I did a book club, it would be once a quarter. I don’t know. \0/

  • Curly Chemist

    No ma’am, you are not alone in your condition at all. I Luv Books too and have as far back as I can remember. I usually leave the library with about 4 or 5 just for myself and I get at least 15 for my daughter. I read to her every night so I get enuf to last 2 weeks until we have to take the books back. I had to stop buying books a) not enuf space and b) pockets not deep enuf. I struggle with long chapters too, I just want the author to get to the point and move on. I peek at the end of every book, but can’t help it it’s part of the addiction. I love a good murder mystery, but I usually figure out who did it before the end so I want to see if I’m right. As far as bookmarks are concerned I have lost so many I have lost count. Whenever I buy one expressly for that purpose, it either falls apart due to over use, or I loose it. And recently, my dog has gotten into chewing them up. I can’t buy another $5 bookmark ( ._.). Why are bookmarks so expensive anyway??? I digress. Also I can’t get into the whole Kindle thing either. There is something about actually holding a book in your hands. It adds to the experience. Anyway that’s my confession and I am glad I got that off my chest. :)

    • suggie

      Thanks for your comment. How bout my kitty just discovered one 1 bookmark and she thinks it’s hers. Smh

  • Alicemarie

    So Sug you should start a book club! Ok I hear you saying “as if I didn’t have enough to do and maintain. Lol I also love reading but I must admit I have a Kindle and iPad that I read on as we’ll as a few thousand books. I really love reading thought provoking books. Anything that makes me think or see things differently than the world that I am in. I too get really exited about sharing and discussing a book that I have read. I love to hear different opinions even if the opinions are very different from mine.

    • suggie

      That’s a good idea. Let me think about it. Thanks for the idea. ^_^

  • Tiara

    I thought everyone used random things for bookmarks! :O

    • suggie

      So I’m normal!! :D

  • Meika

    i love to read!! Like really love to read! I rem when the library in my neighborhood used to sell books and I would buy books in bulk. I especially liked when they used to sell a bag of books for a dollar! i would get hyped and buy too many lol. As of late im starting to get in to the habit of reading again cuz i fell off. Reading for me is like a hunger; i gotta feed the habit! As for bookmarks, i dont use them cuz i usually know where i left off. I have two special bookmarks that my sister and my best friend gave me but i’ll never use em cuz i know i will forget to put them in my bag. oh and ditto to reading tangible books rather than books on a Kindle or Nook. I understand the concept but it is so not for me. Ok this comment is getting too long….i can talk about reading forever and a day…stay blessed Sugar and love your blog and Youtube channel!

    • Meika

      p.s Another book confessing is that I have to go book shopping by myself cuz people will try to rush me to go to the next store and i dont like that…

    • suggie

      A bag of books for a dollar!! That’s pretty awesome. #BookPorn

    • suggie

      Oh and thanks for the love and yes, book shopping should be done alone. ;-)

  • Morgan

    Sug, I am with you in wanting everyone to pick up a book and read. My parents and encouraged me and I will do the same when I have children. I was the kid who got good grades yet got in trouble b/c I was reading a book under the desk and not listening to my teacher lol! I read multiple books at a time (which I need to stop doing b/c I get too involved in one and forget where I was in the other). There is always a book/e-reader in my purse/on my bed/wherever I am so if I have to wait for something/someone I can pick up where I left off.
    Now, at first I wasn’t too keen on e-readers but now I have so many books/authors on my hard drive (which is kind of a good thing since I have limited space in my apt lol). Speaking of which I just downloaded The Neverending Story (and The Wicked Years Series, The Wizard of Oz books, the list goes on…). If you ever get over your dislike of e-readers I’d be happy to send you some books!

    • suggie

      Awww. I love to hear childhood reading stories. ^_^ Thanks for the E Reader offer. :D

  • Kristina

    Sounds like a pretty normal list to me. :D I laughed at #4 (owning lots of books you’ve yet to read). Um, yeah, I could go shopping on my bookshelf (yet always talking about I have nothing new to read…SMH).

    How was Confessions of a Shopaholic? What are you reading now?

    • suggie

      Hush! I bought a book for a quarter the other day. \0/ The shopaholic book was alright. I’ll review it soon….but I have another one to review first. I think I’m going to read Black Betty.

  • Nemetria

    I do 1,2,3,6,7,8 & 9. lol

  • Tracy

    I, too, am an avid reader and have been for a very long time. I haven’t been reading much lately because I work at night and would not pay attention to my job because I hate to stop reading mid-sentence. And I don’t think folks would take to kindly to the one (can you hold that thought while I finish) finger. I recently went on vacation and read “Wench” on my sister’s Kindle during the 11 hour flight and I have to admit it wasn’t half bad – the Kindle or the book. To keep from accumulating too many books, I buy and sell at the used book dealer or donate to my local library, but I keep all my favorites.

    • suggie

      I’ll check out that book.

      • Tracy

        If you do read that book, chile, please let me know! I would luv, luv, luv to read your review!

  • Kim D.

    great post. as i was reading your list, i kept saying, “me, too!” especially loved the one about the bookmarks. i will grab whatever’s handy to use as a bookmark – Q-tip, ear ring, receipt, magazine subscription card, gum rapper. one thing i hate is when people fold back the edges of pages. i like to keep my books in as pristine condition as possible. if i lend you a book and i get it back all beat up, i will be fired up and you will never borrow another book of mine.

    • suggie

      Did you say a q-tip? Lol!! I fold the corners and use a pencil…cause I take notes BUT no one else can do it. I let this girl use my book in grad school and she returned the book all high lighted. Smh

  • Erika

    I’m with you on preferring books over Kindles and such. My MIL and my Granny have Kindles and they can’t understand why I don’t want one. I just like a book. I want to feel it and be able to write notes in it. I love to read and so does my husband. We are so thankful that we have been able to instill that love in our children as well.
    I love that you share your books and favorite authors on your blog. I’m going to check out Walter Mosley and Gregory Maguire. I haven’t read them yet. At least I don’t think I have. Sometimes I will read a book and then realize that I have indeed read it before.

    • suggie

      I write notes in books too. ^_^

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