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Wordless Wednesday: My DIY Family Photos!!

Wordless Wednesday: My DIY Family Photos!

But Sug, what’s up with all the words in this blog? I thought this was a wordless Wednesday blog post. I have you to know that my constitution will not allow me to NOT explain the tomfoolery that went down in these here family photos…even if it is a wordless Wednesday blog post. :D First, check out this vlog on my second YouTube channel.


And then this happened. O_O

Take 1 ^

Take 2 ^

Take 3, someone suggested that we all stand behind the camera and then run to our positions in 10 seconds. ^

Take 4, we ran to our positions with 5 seconds left on the timer. ^

Take 5, we ran to our positions with 3 seconds left on the timer. ^

Take 6, Okay, let’s be serious. ^

Take 7, with the cat who wanted NO parts of this. ^

#icant with my family.

Anywho, I’ll have to show you guys (next Wednesday, perhaps) the other pictures that went with this joint. ^ LOL!!

Alright, I’m rambling (on a wordless Wednesday blog, the irony). Thanks for listening. :D

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  • Z. Bridges~TGBG4life

    Family is so much fun!! Thanks for sharing.

    • suggie

      Thanks for reading. ^_^

  • linka72

    That’s just how photo shoots go in my family..except ours would end with somebody being mad about something imaginary that somebody else said/did/thought..smh HA

    • suggie


  • CharliGirl868

    Is been so long since I’ve been in a family portrait it ain’t even funny. My niece [older] was/is the photographer of the family. Its a shame I haven’t seen that chic in almost 20 yrs. She had all the gadgets & gizmos for photography including that timer. I can’t wait to see the rest.

    Ma’am, you know you was wrong talking about some Wordless Wednesday knowing good & well you can’t two words apart in a sentence. A.D.D. peeps like us know nuttin’ but ramblin’ & randomness. Hum, is there a support group for that? I nominate you as the leader! :-D

    Karm had me rolling with her all-over-the-place fro! Ah, the memories…imagine me with that kinda fro as a kid of 6 and weighing a whopping 50lbs soaking wet. If I wore white, I coulda been a dirty Q-tip!

    I gotta climb out from under my desk now cause a blog & a video from you all in the same span of time slayed me. I think Imma need to go home early!

    • suggie

      Um, Imma need you to round up your family and get it popping with some cellphone technology. Or at least Photoshop everyone everyone together. Lol

      • CharliGirl868

        ha ha…I wish it were that simply. That #angus (angus as in cow, cow as in heffa) niece of mine don’t even respond to email, let along trying to get a picture of/with her. She “special” that way. Photoshop would be hilarious tho, all them outdated photos of my folks! Sadly, you know how our people are about taking recent pictures. SMH.

  • Curly Chemist

    Are you a twin? Cause you and your sister look exactly alike. :o

    • suggie

      Nope. We have have 12+ years between us. We get that a lot. We even walk the same. Lol

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