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B*TCH Get Off My Bus and the Concept of Female Privilege

B*TCH Get Off My Bus and the Concept of Female Privilege

Now, I normally I don’t talk about this kind of tomfoolery on my blog, however, my constitution will NOT allow me to NOT say anything about the video titled “B*TCH Get Off My Bus.” I’m not going to link the video on here, but a simple Google search will help to satisfy your curiosity.

For those who refuse to Google it, let me give you a brief description of what happened.

  1. Teenage (CORRECTION, She’s 25 years old) girl is on a city bus.
  2. Teenager on said city bus is arguing and cursing with the driver of the bus.
  3. Teenager spits on and hits the bus driver.
  4. Bus driver uppercuts the teenager.

When it comes to violence, everyone has an opinion. When it comes to violence AND when opposite sexes are involved, the opinions vary greatly. Now, let me say this, I DO NOT condone violence.

No Violence, Know Peace, KNOW Violence, NO PEACE!

I do, however, think that people have the right to defend themselves when they are attacked physically. The method in which people defend themselves often causes controversy.

The “B*TCH Get Off My Bus” incident brings to mind the concept of female privilege. The young lady in the video was clearly the aggressor and she acted with violence. After the bus driver hit her, you could hear some of the passengers say: “She’s a girl!” However, girls don’t generally hit men, no? The bus driver said, “You wanna be a man, Imma treat you like a man.”


After it was all said and done, the young lady threatened the bus driver with jail time and even more violence via a beat down from her people.


Where do I begin? There were several things wrong here. I’m saddened by the lack of respect for her elder. I’m equally saddened that the bus driver decided to argue with her. It was hard to differentiate who was the fool was here because people who argue with fools are fools themselves. Further, I’m saddened by the lack of self control and her ability to cope.

Let go back to female privilege. This concept give females a false sense of entitlement and safety. News flash, your gender does NOT exempt you from getting your azz whipped if you ARE the aggressor. Don’t think that your X chromosomes status means that you have free range to hit men.


You. Are. Wrong! We often tell our sons to NOT hit girls but do we tell our daughters NOT to hit boys? I think the bus driver had the right to hit the young lady and here is why.

  • She hit him first.
  • You don’t know what else she was capable of doing.
  • Shawty could have had a weapon on her AND he had a bus full of passengers.
  • She was clearly out of control and out of control people are dangerous.

This entire incident is tragic. The bus driver may lose his job as a result of this madness. The male family members and friends of the young lady may seek revenge on the bus driver. This whole thing is a mess. #icant Have you seen the “B*TCH Get Off My Bus” video? What are your thoughts?

Thanks for listening. Smh

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  • April

    This is my first hearing about this. I don’t plan to go and watch the video. I think it’s sad that he could lose his job for this and I completely agree with you that society has done a poor job of not teaching women not to hit. Female aggressiveness is out of hand nowadays. I’m all about knowing how to defend yourself and looking out for situations where you could get abused, but becoming the aggressor is crossing the line.

    • suggie

      You’re right about. When I worked in the school system, I saw this all the time. Most of the time, the boys would push the girls but every now and then, the boys would fight the girl back. I wish the bus driver would have ignored the girl and maybe she wouldn’t have felt inclined to hit him first. I think she was embarrassed because people were laughing at her.

  • Tracy

    I just saw that wretchedness and I am appalled! One, he should have just ignored her. She appeared to be ignorant and he should have ignored her. I do not condone anyone hitting anyone, but I am reminded of something a comedian said once. He said, “I don’t hit women, but I will hit her back!” Sadly, he probably will lose his job and may even face charges because while you cannot control what a person says to you, you have absolute control over how you react to it.

    I, too, do not condone a man hitting a woman but I also (personally) know women who push and push because they feel protected by their femaleness. #isthataword? I do not believe in an eye for an eye, but every last one of us has a last nerve and we don’t know what it will take to push a person over their limit. So, my advice, be kind to everyone. Even when they aren’t kind to you, don’t take it personal. Their funky attitude, sour disposition, or downright nastiness has nothing to do with you, but everything to do with them!

    • suggie

      Awesome response! I too know abusive women and you’re right about people having a tipping point. I’ve seen “good” people SNAP when provoked.

  • Meika

    A co worker showed me the vid yesterday at work and i was so shocked! I know in NYC i believe it is a crime to assult a bus driver, so in the driver’s defense he was defending himself. But he hit her so hard i cringed. All the same, she should have got off the bus and he should not argued with her. So sad.

    • suggie

      I cringed too. If it’s not a crime, I think it should be a crime to assault a transportation worker. I saw a news report on it yesterday and the news failed to show the young lady behaving badly.

  • Brandee P.

    My husband showed me the video earlier today. My first reaction was that she got what she deserved. I do not see violence as the answer for any reason, however if somebody attacks you you have the right to defend yourself. The actions by that girl were all the way wrong. However, the people on the bus who also watched this type on nonsense occur are just as liable. They could have told her to calm down or tried to break it up before it got that out of hand. They weren’t saying to her that he was an elder and that she should watch what she says, nor did they say anything about her being wrong for hitting him. And I didn’t see anybody trying to keep her off of the bus after he threw her off. They instead restrained him, but not her as she continued to act aggressively towards him. Everybody loses in this situation, I just hope that they all (bus driver, passengers, and the girl) are able to look back on this situation in hindsight and do better in the future.

    • suggie

      Good point. Not only did the passengers not help but they kinda encouraged it by laughing at the joking. It appears as if they (some of the passengers) knew her. This is a lose lose situation. Smh

  • CharliGirl868

    Sug girl, I just heard about this when I logged onto YT this A.M. and I have many thoughts

    I think back to the time when I was a kid. We were taught to respect our elders, hands down, point blank period. Having been raised by older parents, it was ALL the more instilled in me to have respect. It was the norm for parents to tell us not to fight, however, my mother always told me that if someone hit me, hit them back. Of course, I was a very scaredy-cat type person and I didn’t like fighting and often wouldn’t and yes, get beat up.

    Of course, that eventually changed when I got tired of being mistreated by others. Example, my best friend’s brother who had no problem with hitting and/or fighting girls – well, me. One day I finally got tired of him and I followed my mother’s advise. I reached back with a big branch and wailed on him something awful. Of course, he wanted to retaliate, but his mother wouldn’t allow. Why? “You’re not supposed to be hitting girls.” Which he had always been taught but never applied. That is, until the day he got into trouble when his mother found out that he’d been making it a practice of hitting girls–well, me.

    Long story short, he never hit me again and got away with it. His father found out about it and literally made a public spectacle of him and beat his butt for the entire neighborhood to see. Of course, when my father found out, he wasn’t happy about it and was ready to do the same to him, but the boy’s dad pretty much handled things.

    How does that story relate to this? Violence doesn’t solve anything. There’s nothing right about what either of these two parties did. The bus driver should have stopped the bus and called the police to have the unruly woman extracted from the bus. I actually had been on public transportation when an unruly passenger was threatening the bus driver and the police was called and literally the person was forcibly extracted from the bus. That would have prevented the end result of this unfortunate situation. Personally, I don’t condone violence, however, regardless of who was the aggressor, male or female, if you can give a punch, you should be able to take one. As they used to say back in the day on the street, if you talk ish…you better be able to back it up. In her case, she talked it and so did he, but she wasn’t able to back hers up as well as he did. I agree, she wanted to act like a man, she should be treated like one. I’m sure this isn’t what equal rights entails, but she took it there and that’s what she got. SHM as well.

    • suggie

      Oh no he didn’t. I bet he learned his lesson send hopefully he hasn’t put his hands on another female. Smh

      • CharliGirl868

        Ironically Sug, he didn’t learn. Had two failed marriages. Sadly, he’s no longer among us. A few years ago, he took his own life as a result of his unwillingness to properly manage illness when diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He refused to accept his illness, refused medication and made very bad decisions in his life.

        It was very unfortunate, but in looking back, on the behavior, it makes sense. Fortunately for me, my mother had the wisdom to tell me not to buy into the Kool-aid his mother was trying to sell when we were growing up wanting me to marry him. His sister told me to stay away from him because he doesn’t know how to treat anyone. Didn’t have to tell me…I already knew.

        • suggie

          GIRL! THAT. IS. TERRIBLE. Mental illness is no joke.

  • Quiandra

    I have seen the video and I do agree that her gender has nothing to do with it. She dicided to spit and hit on him; she was the aggressor. I also agree to no violence. Both the woman and the bus driver were wrong for their actions.

    • suggie


  • Mia

    I noticed that afterward while her friends were yelling, “She’s a girl!”, she was continuing to try to attack him. She was still aggressive even after he hit her with that very powerful blow. SMH She obviously doesn’t think.

    • suggie

      She was out of control.

  • Kiersten

    I’m a big believer in karma, in the end you’re going to get what you dish out. Your gender does not give you a ” get out of jail free card!” My mother always told me “if you’re big enough to do it be big enough to take the consequences!” I prefer not to be hit so I don’t hit anyone or associate with those who do.

    • suggie

      Same here.