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Wordless Wednesday: For the Love of Sisters!

Wordless Wednesday: For the Love of Sisters!

But Sug, your last Wordless Wednesday post was full of words and I suspect that this post will be full of words too. Um, yeah about that. My constitution will NOT allow me to just slap a photo up here without telling you what happened. I will not allow you to let your imagination run rampant.

If you missed my last Wordless Wednesday post featuring my DIY Family photos, I’ll link it HERE. These photos were taken the same day. Anywho, my Wordless Wednesday 20 picture tomfoolery begins, NOW!

Baby sister, Brittany –Me– Middle Sister, Karmbaby

(My mama MADE us do this. Karm wanted no parts of this and Brittany looks real extra fancy.)


(“Cute” Duck lips)

(You already know where this is going.)

(Yup, you guessed it. Smh)

(Now, if my lip hair was thick I’d be all types of mad!)

(Me showing Brittany. Brittany blowing kisses. Karm doing her hair. Smh)

(Brittany smelling my hair. Me showing Karm. Karm told me to cut it out. O_O)

(This picture is TERRIBLE! I was trying to be sexy. Brittany is serving it up tho. LOL!!)

(Sexy do over. #FACE!)

(I LOOK CRAZY! I was trying to be sexy and not smile.)


(Laughter is good for the soul. :D)

I love my family.

Thanks for listening. :D

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  • Alisha

    Lawd chile…y’all are a mess! I can only imagine the kind of tomfoolery that was going on in person. Now the first pic was actually nice if Karmbaby wasn’t making that “yea right” face…LOL

  • CharliGirl868

    Sug, you have me ROLLING all over the floor up under my desk. You and your sisters, iCan’t!!! I keep looking at you guys and the question keeps coming to me and won’t leave me. It keeps asking, What’s up with Karmbaby’s hair? Ain’t she a professional hair stylist? [okay, that was 2 questions] Having been a cosmetology student, I know we do everybody else’s hair except ours. SMH Curious question. Who went natural first, who inspired who?

    I look at your pictures and I’m a little jealous. [You probably going Uhm, why] I had 3 much older sisters, the 2nd oldest passed a little over 20 years ago at 56. When I was growing up, I always wanted sisters close to my own age to grow up with. My mama was a old girl when I came along and my sister who was the youngest was grown & gone. There’s 20+ years between she and I. The oldest, 30 years. No joke, its true. My sisters now are old girls themselves [yeah, I call them that] Now that I’m “grown” myself, I’ve come to appreciate why I was blessed with these old girls as sisters. I have learned so much from them. I have learned what FOR REAL old school is. They have given me that “old folks” wisdom that a lot of my peers don’t have the slightest clue about. They tell me about avoiding a lot of pitfalls that are common to some women my age. My sisters have taught me wisdom beyond my years that I have been on this earth. I have friends with sisters close in age and sadly some of them don’t get along or don’t even speak to each other, which is sad. The ones who speak have all kinds of drama and rachetness going on. When I look at that and I look at these old girls, I now realize that I’m in the middle of wisdom. A few years ago, someone took a picture of us together, which was the first time we had been on a picture together [shameful I know], but in that picture, I’ll keep it forever because literally, I’m right in the middle of them and its powerful honey. I’m in the middle of wisdom and greatness. I wouldn’t trade that for 10 sisters that were close to my age.

    My fave picture here #3 – Your mama has great humor to know which of you guys needs to speak, see or hear no evil!! Tomfoolery at its finest!! I luv it!!

    • suggie

      Yeah, Karm is a stylists but it was a I don’t care kind of day. HA! We looked a HOT mess. Smh. I went natural first, then Karm, my mama and then the baby sister. There is a future blog post that goes into details. You will not have me crying in front of my computer. NO. CUT IT OUT!

      Quick story, (I’m on my computer and not my cell phone cause if I were on my cell, you’d get a 3 word response…smh) I have some distance between my sisters and I. Don’t ask me how much cause my age is still a mystery to most. We didn’t grow up together and for years I begged my parents to give me a sibling. Smh. They show up some years later and I was MAD! So, I call myself an only oldest and our mother is really “MY MAMA!” Smh

  • ChicagoCurly

    Gurl, even without “words”, you crack me up. This post had me LOL’ing from beginning to end. :)

    • suggie


  • Nemetria

    This was a good laugh lol