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Flashback Friday: Month 5 (Part 1) of My Natural Hair Journey

Flashback Friday: 5th Month (Part 1) of My Natural Hair Journey!!

This is a flashback post showing what went down during the 5th month of my natural hair journey. This post has been modified lightly for grammatical errors and such. :D

Natural Hair Journal ~ 5th Month

Is that a wig? Is that Saran Wrap?…Why, yes it is!

25 March 05

Well-Well-Well…Today is the first day of my 5th month being nappy and I look a hot mess. My poor hair is matted. I haven’t washed it in a few days. I’ll deep condition and wash it tomorrow. In the mean time I rocked a wig. The wig hurt and it didn’t want to go on right. Even though my hair is matted it’s still fluffy and I struggled trying to get the wig on. I was highly self conscious. It was awful!

26 March 05

I had fabulous hair today! I did a honey/olive oil condition [equal parts olive oil and honey, warm it up in the microwave BUT not too HOT!]. I then wrapped it up with saran wrap you can use a plastic grocery store bags but I like saran wrap better.

You have to make sure the saran wrap is on good because it will leak and you’ll drive yourself crazy with the wiping.

I then followed up with a black head wrap and went on about my business. I left it on for about 3 hours. I washed the conditioner out with diluted Dr. Bronners soap, applied my regular conditioner and Walla!!! My hair was so great I was loving it! I was headed to a friends wedding [DAG, this seems so far ago. He’s not even married anymore. WOW!].

Natural Hair Journal ~ 5th Month Continued

My naps go to a wedding!!

My Wedding Hair!!

[A REAL Wash and Go. No products added.]

I really like the flower. It’s flat and it’s on u shaped metal stick. I had to curve the end of the stick to keep it from showing b/c my hair is short.

29 March 05

I just absolutely love my nappy naps. I went through a serious hair funk but now my hair is just how I like it!

Natural Hair Journal ~ 5th Month Continued

This post has nothing to do with hair…

I would like to ask all who is reading this to take a moment of silence for my lost earrings!







As per my mama, I invested in more earrings and I’ve lost two earrings with in 5 days.

I lost the first one in the grocery store and the second one at a poetry venue last night.

Even More Off Topic…

Being that my real name is Sugar, I find great pleasure in meeting people with unusual names. Well, there’s this guy at one of the poetry venues who’s government name is…Tutankhamen [We ended up becoming friends and part of a poetry collective. HA!]!

Me: “No way!”

Him: “Yup!” *reaching into pocket to get a photo I.D.

Me: “Wow, dang how many letters is that?”

Him: “Eleven.”

Hair Journal ~ 5th Month Continued

April Fools Day = A Fauxhawk

And Since I’m Waaaay Off Topic…

[Skirt from the thrift store. I revamped a T-shirt]

[I still have this shirt!!]

[YES for DIY!]

1 Apr 05 April is National Poetry Month!!!

Happy April Fools Day. What better way to “celebrate” then with a fauxhawk. My sister did it for me (last night) being that I may very well be the only African American female who can’t cornrow. She really redeemed herself! Remember my hair braiding fiasco? FLASHBACK!

Remember high top fades from back in the day?

I like it…minus the “baby hairs” around my hair line.

She Really hooked me up!

I’m soooo tickled. This picture reminds me of my baby sister [My "twin"].

That’s it for part 1 of my 5th month Natural. Stay tuned for part 2.

Thanks for listening. :D

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  • CharliGirl868

    Sug, you know I’ve gotta jump all over this. YOU CAN’T CORNROW???? :-O Yeah boo, you might be the only female AA who can’t. #SMH Really?? That sounds so foreign to me. I taught myself when I was 8 or 9. I was a serious doll freak as a kid. I had to have dolls with hair. I think I got into more trouble using all my hair bows, barrettes, hair balls and rubberbands on my dolls. Honey, my dolls weren’t going to be looking all crazy. I taught myself by watching my best friend. I practiced & practiced until I got it right and then I did my own hair. My mother was horrified at first because she thought my hair would fall out, but VOILA it didn’t [that came a couple yrs later].

    You know I had to laugh at the guy you met named after King Tut. Its obvious he was born in the 70′s because that’s when the big buzz about King Tut and the display of him at various museums around the country at that time. It was at one of the museums in Chicago like forever. Having a name that’s unusual is a little hard because it makes you feel like an outsider. I felt that way because, although my name isn’t unusual, it wasn’t many girls with my name when I was in elementary school. It wasn’t until middle and high school that I finally encountered 3 or 4 more girls with my name, only one spelled just like mine. As an adult, I have come to find that my name is that of an Irish saint and that it means resolute strength. Your name means: Sweet Crystal Spice. Talk about the power of the phrase, what’s in a name.

    I so luv trekking this journey with you. Can’t wait for next Friday.

    • suggie

      Hey boo! How bout I learned to cornrow by mistake last year. Ha! It’s not the best but it’s a cornrow. As a kid, I had Barbies but I’d much rather read or make stuff OR try to convince my mama not to make me do math problem out of that blue book. Smh

      Speaking of names, what is your real first name? I assumed it as Charli.

      • CharliGirl868

        Want to know my real name, check your email hon. The details are there.

        HA HA HA – So glad you learned how to cornrow. PHEW, you had me worried. :-D Keep practicing.

        • suggie


  • Daphne

    I can’t cornrow either and but with the great invention of Youtube and the internet, I can flat twist like a champ. So no you are not the only AA chick that can’t cornrow. And I feel you on the name thing, my mom said she named me after a friend of hers in high school and when I was younger I hated it. For some reason I wanted to be named “Rene”, >< go figure. But as I grew up when I told people my name they would give me this weird look like "What Black kid is named Daphne???". I would always say "You know…like from Scooby Do."

    • suggie

      Your name is cute!! It’s rather unique. Speaking of cornrows, I figured out how to do them last year. *does pelvic thrusts* Ok, they’re huge and uneven but it’s a cornrow. ^_^

    • CharliGirl868

      I went to high school with a black girl named Daphne. Come to think of it, she was the only girl in our school with that name. Not even a white girl in the school by that name. I used to wanted to be named Trina. Don’t ask why. \O/ However, I ended up being called Rudi because in the wintertime, my nose would turn red aka Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. SMH Thankful I have not run into any old classmates since then. If somebody called me that today, I might catch a case!

  • shonda

    Girl me and this here can’t ‘cha comb it don’cha try mess up on my some be going rounds like when Tyson bit holyfield. I have gone in out of of relaxed to natural so many really I get dizzy. But I started again six months ago, gonna Edward scissorhands this mess on my birthday and by George Imma do this time ya heard? Lol. Took me forever to get over heah to this hurr blog but I’m glad I did. Not much of a follower of all them social networks cause I would probably catch a case of adhd for really real but I genuinely enjoy you. You make me laugh when I really need to.

    I’m alphafem75 on YouTube.
    Catch ya later Sug

    • suggie

      Hey sis!! Congrats on going natural again. ♥♥ It not always easy but it’s worth the effort. :)

  • glamazini

    Love that length … headed back there soon :)

    • suggie

      You’ll look smashing!