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RAW FOOD RECAP: Raw Food Meals (from the web) That I've Tried

RAW FOOD RECAP: Raw Food Meals (from the web) That I’ve Tried

If only the recipes could make themselves AND tell you how they’re going to taste before you went through the process of making them. If. IF. IFFFF! Anywho, if you’ve found yourself contemplating whether or not to try that recipe, this blog post is for you!! While on the raw food detox, I tried LOTS of recipes. Some where great and some where all types of terrible. Here is a run down of the raw food meals from all over the web, my thoughts AND where you can find them.

Taco Salad WITH “Refried Beans!!”

Looks good, huh? Well, it was amazing!

(Salad dressing, corn, avocados, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, red peppers, refried beans, chorizo)

Where I found the recipes: The Refried Beans—–The Salad Dressing and the Chorizo

The Verdict:

Yummo! This was a huge hit! I will make this again.

ME: Good. The fake refried beans taste just like REAL refriend beans! Totally amazing and unreal. Seasoned nuts are so versatile!! The dressing was pretty good too.

D1: Said it was good and he loved the beans.

D2: Loved the beans but refused to try the dressing.

D3: Loved it all.

Hubby: Also loved it!

Lemon and Avocado Butter Salad

It looks good, huh? Well…

Where I found the recipe: The Raw Chef!!

The Verdict:

Oh. No ma’am and no sir AND No chile!

ME: Um, the first few bites were GREAT until I tasted it and it tasted terrible. The salad dressing made it too soggy AND it was awful! The seaweed made it extra bad. I threw it away.

D1: Refused to put the dressing and the seaweed on the salad. He used “regular” dressing and loved it.

D2: Ditto ^

D3: Ate the salad minus the seaweed and hated it after 3 bites. He threw it away.

Hubby: Never ate it cause I refused to feed it to him.

Another Lettuce Wrap

Looks good, huh? Well…

(Basil, Mint, Green Onions)

(Pineapple Chili Dipping Sauce)

Where I found the recipe: Raw Lettuce Wraps —— The Pineapple Dipping Sauce

The Verdict:

Well…it wasn’t the worst but it wasn’t great and I shan’t make it again.

ME: It tastes kinda strange. I didn’t like the sauce that much AND the basil and mint leaves made it taste AWFUL!!!!! The sauce was mediocre. The fruit was a nice touch.

D1: Ate it but he was not pleased.

D2: Didn’t like it.

D3: Ate it and said it was okay.

Hubby: Said it was good minus the mint and basil

Waldorf Salad

Looks Good, right? Well, it was GREAT! OH. MY. STARS!

Where I found the recipe: The Raw Chef!!

The Verdict:

This thing is so FREAKING good. I think I’m going to make it tomorrow!! The flavors were amazing. The textures were wonderful. The “Parmesan cheese” was everything! The apples, and celery AND grapes were a nice touch. SO GOOD!

ME: Um, I ate 3 plates of this. Yes. THREE PLATES!

D1: Loved it!

D2: Liked it. He loved the grapes!

D3: Loved it. He was scraping the plate.

Hubby: I think I saw him crying. :D


If you missed it, here are other recipes that I’ve tried:

So there you have it, raw food meals from all over the web! Now, you have EIGHT recipes to try…well maybe 7. That’s it. Thanks for reading. :D

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  • Tamira Chika

    Love You video’s and this blog is going in my book marks. I watch you to get ideas for my natural hair and now for raw foods(yeah I know you are doing for a challenge but you make it fun)! Anyway, I’m also here for the the contest so Entry me!!!!!! Thank you for all you do!!!!

    • Tamira Chika


    • suggie

      Thanks. Make sure you enter on the blog post for the giveaway.

  • CharliGirl868

    Sug, I know you have a billion & one other things you be doing & stuff, but chile, you needs to write food reviews for the newspaper cause you give it to us with no chaser. Everytime I read your reviews, I get life, EV–REE–TIME!! Mr. Rasheed don’t seem like he’d be the type that’d cry, but I give any dude a chance to be sensitive. You really do a nice job with your presentation and taking good appealing pictures of what you ate & enjoyed—or not. It looked good even if it wasn’t. I bet you watched Julia Child as a kid!!

    • suggie

      Really? I love to eat and try things. Rasheed is always sayin that I need to do “real” reviews. Hmmmm…

  • Keisha

    If I could put some shades on and be invisible at your house ’round dinner time… Y’all need a reality show! For real! I agree with CharliGirl868. I get LIFE every time you post a vlog/ blog esp. with your family. They say laughter is good, and Chile, I’m great!! Thanks for sharing!

    • suggie

      Wow! Thank you so much. Your words truly mean a lot to me. ♥♥

  • Nemetria

    My fave part is the verdicts for some reasons. I cannot wait to get out of this dorm and into a kitchen so I can try one of these out.

    • suggie

      Let me know what you try. :-)

  • Brownaturalady

    Even if they didn’t taste tht good they all look nice. Lmbo at everyone’s comments on the Waldorf Salad. Peace

    • suggie

      Ha! Thanks. The waldorf was everything!!