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Why Do I Need YOUR Store Discount Cards, to Get a Discount?

Why Do I Need YOUR Store Discount Cards, to Get a Discount?

Dear Stores That Require Consumers to Get Your Store Discount Cards:

I have a bone to pick with you and it all started because of events that took place yesterday. So yesterday, I went to Trader Joe’s for my weekly grocery shopping. After spending about an hour cruising through the aisles, it was now time to checkout. Ten minutes later, the cashier had rung me up. I then proceeded to rummage through my wallet to retrieve my Visa check card. But Sug, what does this have to do with our store discount cards? Wait. I’m getting there. Anyway, after spending 30 panicked seconds looking through my wallet (and having people looking at me as if my card had been declined #paranoia), I realized I didn’t have my Visa check card* but I did have a slew of store discount cards. For the record, Trader Joe’s doesn’t have a store discount card, yet.

Store Discount Cards

In comes this letter.

I’m not sure the science behind store discount cards BUT I would like to share with you all my personal science on why I think your cards (especially the free ones that give you NO perks like rewards and such) are stupid as hell not what’s hot in the street via this top 10 list.

  1. I made the decision to shop at your store. Why come you gotta add an extra step during the check out process in order for me to get them grapes for 99 cents per pound? Shouldn’t me being in your store be enough for me to get the freaking discount?!
  3. I have more discount tags on my keys than I have actual keys.
  4. Word on the curb is, if I lose my discount card, someone can somehow figure out my name and address (assuming I used my correct demographics when I registered the card).
  5. Did you ever once consider the poor lil ol’ environment and how many of your store discount cards end up in land fields?
  6. If you MUST use a discount card, opt to go paperless…it is 2012!
  7. How much money do you guys spend per year on manufacturing those cards?
  8. The least you can do is offer me some type of frequent shopper reward incentive.
  9. So, you’re not going to give me the discount even if I left my card at home?
  10. You mean to tell me that I have to either ask another consumer to use their card OR get new one? That makes no sense. Nope.

You will not believe how many of these cards I have. #wallslides for the environment.

I know this letter will probably fall on deaf ears or blind eyes, but I just want you store discount card pushers to know that I am not pleased.

With plenty of #sideeye,

-Sugar, Owner of Many Discount Cards

*But Sug, what happened since you didn’t have your Visa Check card while in the store? Well, I had to go back home (well, actually I had my hubby meet me half way and bring me my wallet with my Visa check cards in it).

The wonderful and discount cardless folks over at Trader Joe’s put my entire shopping cart in the freezer until I returned. :D But Sug, why come you didn’t have the right wallet and who leaves home without they cash and stuff. First of all, I don’t like your tone. Second, I have a picture to explain what had happened.

See what had happened was, both of these were on my bed post. I grabbed the wrong one. Smh

That’s  it. Thanks for listening.

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  • Charli

    But Sug, uh, boo, why you gotta have 2 wallets hanging on your bedpost that look almost alike…well, shaped alike…AND where can I get one of them? I like that ladybug one. ;-)

    Girl bye with them discount cards and you leaving your wallet at home cause you picked up the wrong one and your boo shawty had to earn his keep by coming to meet you half way to bring you your wallet. NOW THAT….is the sign of a GOOD A.. MAN. Mine would do the same, but give me all kinds of side eye afterwards tho…I’d have to beat him later for even questioning me tho.

    Anyhoo, I have my discount cards and I don’t leave home without the most important ones and if I don’t have them, I give my phone # cause that’s how I be trying to same a few pennies. Yeah, they get clunky and tedious, but I’ll live with it…thus why I need another wallet.

    I was doing all kinds of laughing at you and feeling your pain by getting to the checkout and not having your check card. I actually have experienced that…left it in my pants pocket…thankfully I had a checkbook with me.

    Unfortunately, your letter of complaint will not be read or given any consideration. Nope, sorry chile. However, it was entertaining to read and laugh and point at your plight, nonetheless. :-D If you were trying, hoping or trying to placate on getting some empathy/sympathy file that joint right here for later laughter/consideration. :-p

    Thanks for sharing. [chuckles]

    • suggie

      Hey boo. *wonders why your comments keep ending up in moderation. I got the wallet from Macy’s. I think it’s Lucky Brand. I’ve had them for years.

      Yeah, hubby was giving me dirty looks. Ha!

      • CharliGirl868

        I just noticed that today. It never did it before. Maybe its telling me I talk too much. \O/
        O-o for that moderation business.

        Macys, okay I need to charge something on my card this year. That’ll do it. :-D

        • suggie

          I’ll look into it. I bet it’s because you used a different computer with a different IP address.

  • Curly Chemist

    Hey Sug. Good morning. I just had to put in my two cents here :). The point of the cards are not so much to get a discount. They make the consumer believe that they are getting a better price, when in fact if you are willing to shop around, you could probably get those same items for the exact same “discount” price some where else. Just like most things in retail, it’s more of a ploy to get you to return to the same store to make you belive you are getting the best price when in fact they are tracking your purchases. Whenever I use my MVP card at Food Lion, even with the so-called discount I still end up spending just as much as anywhere, but I get all these coupons for items that are similar to what I have in my cart. If possible I try to buy the generic stuff that is on the MVP sale, but the coupons are almost always for the brand name. These businesses know that the average housewife or busy working mom, who is usually the one making the shopping choices, is not going to do that much shopping around for regular everyday items. It’s a gimeick as my father used to say, just to make you feel like you are getting a perk, when in fact you are not. That’s why Wal-mart doesn’t have them cause you can get cheaper than them and they will price match on top of that.

    • Curly Chemist

      *can not get cheaper than Wal-mart* Unless you got to maybe Save-a-lot.

    • suggie

      I see. I hate Wal-Mart tho. Smh

  • Tiffany

    I can’t stand discount cards. I used to get them and my kids end up using them to play pretend with. I never remember to bring them and the cards are usually for stores I do not shop at very much. The only discount I use program is for Target which is built into their debit card. It does not require any extra effort on my part. I agree that the price should just be set at whatever they want to sell it for. There are too many important things to worry about the world then how much of a discount Walgreens is going to give me for toothpaste.

    • suggie


  • kaybee

    But Sug, you should get the KeyRing app. (Not a paid endorser…it just saved my wallet.) You scan all your discount cards into your phone and let the people just scan your phone and stuff. That way, your wallet won’t weigh 10,000 pounds.

    • suggie

      Let me check that out. Thanks for the tip. ^_^

  • Keisha

    Right on, right on! So let me toss my few pennies in the mix. I used to work at _______. Our Director of Marketing, _________, stated that the purpose of “Reward Cards” were to keep up with the shopping and spending habits of our/ their loyal customers. In my mind that translated to mean that they may throw your most frequently shopped item(s) at a sell price for less. Also in my refuse-to-take-the-scenic-route mind, it is almost like credit dard companies. They advertise 10-25% off when they will get you in the end. Because think about it. You done paid full price for the item(s)all this time. Who’s really winning? O_O It’s a conspiracy I tell ya!!! LOL!!! Mind games will never cease…

    • suggie

      Shut up! My mind is blown. It almost doesn’t seem right. I don’t like the idea of them keeping up with my spending habits. Smh

      • Keisha

        I can’t speak for every Fortune 500 company
        &/or Mom-n-Pop store, but that one I worked at… Yes ma’am! That’s why they ask for your address, phone no., and email address so they kinda know when you are about to make a purchase (that upc barcade on the reward/discount card is the business). Its a ploy to get the costumer into the store and spend, spend, spend. Mathematics, probabilities, and statistics baby!

        • Keisha


  • Z. Bridges~TGBG4life

    Hey Sug,
    I know exactly what you are talking about. I go to Walgreens EVRY week. One week the cashier asked me if I had the new discount card. I said no. She said “Ok but you will need one starting Sunday if you want any of the sale prices” I was quite heated for a week. Then I proceeding to give out my information in order to get one. For real, having more “discount” cards than keys.. is not cool. Have a great Thanksgiving!

    • suggie

      Ugh! That happened to me a few days ago. Smh

    • suggie

      Oh, and happy thanksgiving to you too. ♥

  • CharliGirl868

    Sug, you really started a hot topic here. I will say this tho in defense of ONE discount card particularly. I have a Kroger discount [anybody who lives in the region where there's a Kroger knows what I'm talking about] I shop there to get points towards getting 10 cent off on gas. When you get points in increments of 100 points, you get 10 cents off, 200 points, 20 cents, etc. Otherwise, you get 3 cents off your gas. With gas putting men, women & children on the corner these days, you do whatever you have to do in order to get it cheap. Chile, a couple weeks ago, I got me some gas for $2.89 a gallon. Some of them discount cards are the devil, but this one…I use mine & my M.I.L. cuz she don’t drive, but she buys tons of grocery! POW!

    • suggie

      Wait. Did you say gas prices have folk on the corner? Lol!!!

      Let me tell you how Krogers is the devil. I don’t go in there often. I went a couple of months ago and before that, I went in 2006. Smh

      So, I go to check out and naturally, I didn’t have a card AND the number I probably used I couldn’t remember it. Can you believe those hauxs did not give me a discount. Had I not been looking for mulling spice, I would have left that crap there (and the other mess I didn’t need.). #iCant with them. Nawl.

      • CharliGirl868

        No Sug, they NOT gonna give U the discount if you don’t remember ur number or have ur card. Don’t be calling them the devil since u couldn’t remember it? #NOSYMPATHY :-/

        Don’t be changing ur number a billion times. iCan’t with all them folks who change phone number like changing shoes.


        • suggie

          If you had the kind of experiences I’ve had…you change your numbers. Thank GOD for the option. Amen. I’ve had 2 house numbers in 10 years and 4 cell numbers in 14 years.

  • Nemetria

    I hate discount cards. When I go to the store and think Im finna get all these deals just to realize I left the card at home. Then I got to figure out what Im gone put back because I only bring so much money to keep myself from buying snacks instead of the necessities or hope somebody in line has a kind heart and lends me theirs.

    • suggie

      Are we the same person? I will put the sale mess back too. Ha!

  • Tiffy

    I love this cuz I hate the bafoonery of the discount cards as well. As I was reading ur post i had to look over at my key chain and chuckle cuz its so true WAY more cards than keys!! Someday someone is going to come up with a way to combine them on an app or something and save a sister some worry!
    o and i am happy to know you use the phrase ‘why come’ cuz i use it all the time and i get blank stares and people thinking im ignant…well i may be that too!

    • suggie

      I think there is an app for that. Someone made mention.

      I love the phrase “why come.” Smh

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