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Wordless Wednesday: What Happened? Episode 3

Wordless Wednesday: What Happened? Episode 3

This week’s Wordless Wednesday Picture!

Unless you’re new to reading my blog, you know my Wordless Wednesday posts are full of words. I guess I should rename is Wordy Wednesday. Anywho, all you have to do is tell all of us what happened in this photo. You can share what you think happened before, during and or after. Simple as pie.

Wordless Wednesday

(Photo credits, ME! Picture taken in 2003. Camera Canon Rebel 2000, Silver Gelatin Print on fiber paper, Tmax 400. The effect was created using rubber cement and dying the unexposed area sepia tone. Oh, how I miss those days.)


But Sug, what about the Wordless Wednesday post from the 14th of NOVEMBER?! First, I’m slightly ashamed that it has taken me almost a MONTH to post what actually happened. Second, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can find the post HERE.

Anywho, the photo was taken in New York, from this POST. The photo is called “Angry Cab Guy.” But Sug, why was he angry? Well, it went something like this:

My Friend Jazz (after being cut off from the cab guy): Rolls down window and yells: “A**HOLE!” He then pulls off.

Cab Guy (5 minutes later, the cab guy catches up to us…3 blocks away minus his passengers.): “Hey, why you call me a**hole back there?”

Jazz: “Cause you are an a**hole and you can’t drive!”

Cab Guy: “What? I no a**hole. You a**hole jerk.”

(Intermission due to “F-Yous.”)

Jazz: “That’s why your mama is a man!” Cab guys appears insulted. We drive off.


Well, that’s it. I look forward to reading your responses. You guys are so creative. I love it. :D

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  • sug

    Test. Hmmm. So, you guys can’t comment on this post? I’m trying to figure out why. Sigh.

  • Amor

    WordPress hates me, that’s why

    • suggie

      I think there was something happening with WP.

  • Amor

    Yay, it works! Like I was saying, he ran outta setting lotion for that bomb ass roller-set so he had to take a pause for the cause. Sug gave him that look, and was saying “What’s taking so long dude? I got people to see, places to go, and things to do. Let’s get this show on the road sir.”

    • suggie

      Ha! Thanks for sharing your side. ^_^

  • CharliGirl868

    Oh wow Sug, you got me laughing. Here goes.

    Its Saturday morning. You know how Saturday mornings can be. The house ain’t in order and you are up early throwing male progeny outta their beds to get on their job of cleaning up YOUR house that they keep messing up. You were asked out on a date so your plan is to spend the early part of the day getting your FABULOUSNESS together and thangs. Of course, that’s the plan, right?? You know how plans don’t go the way you want.

    Boys won’t cooperate, D1, 2 & 3 are carrying on all kinds of foolishness cause they don’t like the idea of you going out on a date with somebody that THEY didn’t approve. You threaten all with bodily injuries and defy any authority vested in CPS/DHS or whatever they are called when they come to take your kids & stuff.

    Your favorite dress YOU THOUGHT you were going to be banging in ain’t there. Its like gone, not to be found nowhere in the house. Come to find out, your sister Karmbaby borrowed it & hadn’t returned it. Plan b, the other banging outfit is a bit too snug thanks to your jiggly thighs and you eating all kinds of stuff. You throw it in closet angrily. You stand there staring hoping that some inspiration will jump out at you. You decide that you’ll worry about the outfit later. You needs to get your hair together.

    You get through the blowout fine, but just when you attempt to start setting your hair on them big huge rollers, the electricity goes out, thanks be to D1 & D2. How…well, they was “experimenting” with a lamp they couldn’t get to come on and D1 has the great idea of “fixing” it. When D2 plugs it in, POOF, POW, electricity out. You only have 45 minutes before your date arrives and you still haven’t decided on your outfit. D3 shows up to tattle on his brothers and to gloat because as he sees it, you didn’t need to be going out with that buster anyway.

    There you are, stuck with your hair not together, looking half crazy in your too short robe so mad that if they threw hornets and wasps at you, they’d die instantly from your evil looks.

    • suggie

      Look at you being creative. I love it!

    • Curly Chemist

      That was awesome!

  • Daphne

    test wordpress and I are having a hate hate relationship today !!!

  • Daphne

    Ok I will try again.

    So Sug decides that for once she wants a little bit of pampering and goes into a local salon to have a flat iron and roller set on her mane. She arrives 15 mins as is appropriate to her appointment, only to find that the stylist she is there to see had to leave to pick up her son from school as she has no babysitter. Unfortunately, the stylist arrives after an hour just as Sug is about to walk out the door. She breezes in with many apologies and a little 5 year old boy in tow. She immediately gets Sug in the chair and starts to work, but just as she is about to finish the phone rings and it’s for the stylist. Now all along the little boy was playing nicely yet loudly in the corner. As if from a sign the little boy jumps and and hones in on Sug. Sug sees him coming and thinks to herself “This will not end well.” She heaves a heavy sigh and the following conversation ensues:

    Little Man: Whatchu doin?

    Sug: I am getting my hair done. (duh?)

    Little Man: Whatcha doin da fa?

    Sug: Where is your mother?

    Little Man: She on the phone talking to my daddy. Can I touch your hurr?

    Sug:… What? No! Go clean your nose.

    Little Man: Can I have a quarter?

    Sug: ( o_o) *side eye. No. (sighs) Where is your mother?

    Little Man: Hey watch dis?
    At this point our little friend decides to take a flying 360 off the stool he is standing on. After which he face plants on the floor, jumps up, dusts himself off and then climbs back up on the stool. He then turns to our Sug and says “Can I have a quarter now?”

    Sug:(sighs) I think you mother is calling you.

    Oh Happy Day!!! His mother finally returns and finishes the style,again apologizes profusely, and ask that Sugar comes again if she ever needs her hair done again. However Sug leaves the salon never to return and vows to do her own flat ironing and roller sets from then on.


    • Charlgirl868

      Ooooohhh wwwweee chile, I got my life from this!!! Li’l man had me rolling. Hmm, why does he kinda remind me of my grand nephew. I’ve never seen a little boy called Li’l man ever sit still or be quiet. I sense Sug was holding on to her cool hard cause if it hada been me, me and him wouldn’t been duking it out. I’d put the pimp hand down on him and put that energizer bunny to rest. I got visuals in my mind with this story. Nothing worse than waiting a ba-zillion years to get your hair done.

    • suggie


  • Meika

    This is what I think happened: You had a party to go to that day so you decided to call your hair dresser Midget Mack “Hair is always all that and never flat” Scheflin to come to your house last minute to give your hair a perm and style. (FYI: Midget Mack is a reformed pimp who loved doing his girls hair more than sending them on the streets to get his money.) He gave you the bomb perm and roller set and is taking the rollers out and is telling that he is going to give you fabulous hair do. But while sitting in his chair, you start thinking that doing the most to your hair is not making you happy and that you want a change. You realize that you are tired of conforming to America’s standards of beauty and no longer want your hair fried, dyed, and laid to the side. Plus it cost you $150 to pay Midget Mack to do a home appointment on such short notice and you don’t have the money right now and want to pay him when you can. You proceed to tell Midget Mack that this will be the last time he will be doing your hair and that you have decide that after the party tonite you will be going natural. Mack stops what he is doing and starts bawling! He can’t believe his best client is leaving him. He compose himself and then says, “Trick you betta give me my money!!! You ain’t gonna just leave me like that! Why you gotta leave me Sug!? Why??” You then give him the stinky eye and tell him to calm down; that it is not that serious. “Who you calling a trick?” “Don’t make me kick your step stool!” You tell him about your epiphany and also that you have half of the money and that Karmbaby will give him the rest. He finishes your hair your hair in silence and packs up his tools and wishes you luck on your natural journey and pimp walks into the sunset. The End

    • Curly Chemist

      Fabulous. LOL *@work @Midget Mack. Pimps don’t cry :’(

    • Hope

      So I’m dying laughing. Best one I’ve read so far. Can’t get myself together at “pimp walks into the sunset”!

    • suggie

      BWAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I. Am. Weak!

    • CharliGirl868

      I’m late reading this, but honey, I got my life. A crying midget pimp who loves to do hair!! Ooh chile, I can’t stop laughing!! I know I was done when the pimp had a flashback from the streets, Trick you better give me my money!!! DONE, #DEAD…somebody say CLEAR & shock me with them paddles.

      • suggie

        Lol! My thoughts exactly!