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Flashback Friday: Month 7 (Part 2) of My Natural Hair Journey

Flashback Friday: 7th Month (Part 2) of My Natural Hair Journey!!

This is a flashback post showing what went down during the 7th month (part 2) of my natural hair journey. This post has been modified lightly for grammatical errors and such. :D

Natural Hair Journal ~ 7th Month Continued

So, you wanna be a model…again?

As you can see these twists are busted. They looked really awful when I took them out. [These are the twists I was talking about from my previous Flashback Friday post.]

Isn’t the makeup loud? You will not believe how long it took me to get it off my face!

Now if you ask me, it looks like someone glued spider legs to my eye lashes. I don’t think my lashes have ever looked like this before.


*le sigh*

Money and friends never mix. EVER! I have been super broke since my trip to NY.

This guy I know owes me some cash because I sold him some items. He was supposed to give me the cash on the first of May but I was busy (he could have put it in my mailbox, back door, front door, side door…). He was also supposed to give it to me while I was in NY. So, now I’m back home. What’s the problem? “Oh, I didn’t know you were back home.” Um, didn’t you get my messages. Then comes the how dare you conversation. Sug, I can’t believe you, ain’t nobody trying to get over on you. You know you’re starting to stress me out ova here. You’ve been busy and gone and now you come at me like I’m some kind of criminal. You’ll have your money in your account before the close of business.”

My question is, how in the hell am I stressing you out? What day was he talking about because it wasn’t the day that we had the conversation, that was 4 days ago. I don’t get it. What pisses me off is that I’m free and open enough where you can tell me anything. All he had to say was Sug I don’t have it. I would have been okay with that. Don’t feed me some BS. The nerve of some people. Now this is the same brotha who has called me and complained about other people owing him money. Lesson learned.

*Update* It’s been paid! Waiting for phone call… “Yo Sug, I can’t believe you put me on blast like that on your website!”


Natural Hair Journal ~ 7th Month Continued

Imma Hair Styling Queen?!

29 May 05

Remember when I said I didn’t like my hair like this [with the scarf]?

Well, now I do!

I just think she had to grow a little. The first picture was taken about 2 1/2 months ago. I also think it looks better when I have a colored scarf versus a black scarf.

31 May 05

As stated before, I’m going to challenge myself to wear protective hair styles for the entire month of June. I think it can be done. Well here is my first attempt.

I did much better with this set. Flashback to my first set.

I’m still having issues with my right side. I have to position my hands differently and I having some problems. I get confused and the ending result looks nothing like a rope. It looks more like a piece of string with an identity crisis.

But over all, I like them.

They don’t look as homemade as the first set.

I kinda like it with the scarf too. Also, my parts don’t look that big in person.


Natural Hair Journal ~ 7th Month Continued

Allow me to flex my creative muscle…

1 June 05

Off Topic

I don’t care what time you go into Wal-Mart there is ALWAYS a bunch of people in the store and the parking lot is always littered with shopping carts, debris, peddlers, and miscellaneous strange mofos. One you go inside the only thing that’s missing is a disco ball, stripper pole and baby sitting services.

It also amazes me how some Wal-Mart’s are more ghetto than others. Well I had the misfortune of going to the most ghetto Wal-Mart in my area. I thought once they remodeled it and added a super in front of it, it would be better. WRONG! It’s actually worse.

Anywho, I go in there to get me some Mango Butter and Stay Soft Fro. That stuff is wonderful. I stopped buying it (the mango butter) from the Asian beauty supply store because sometimes I’d get a batch that was too hard. Anyway, as I’m checking out there is a white guy in front of me. The check out lady proceeds to swipe my stuff along with the man’s items. The Mango Butter, I could have seen, but the freaking Stay Soft Fro with a silhouette of two people with a fros on the bottle? O_O Of course it cracked me the hell up and I spent a good 5 minutes laughing out loud.

Now for all my right-brained readers… OFF TOPIC!

You should never ever throw/giveaway a pair of jeans. Jean material is expensive and besides there are cool things you can make with revamped jeans.

My latest project…A shirt out of jeans and guess what?

I did no sewing.

I just cut the jeans up and pinned them together.

I also made some curtains with the same process.

 Speaking of strange shirts, I’d like to give Azure’ the what-in-the-hell is that award?

Now, I’d like to believe that I’m fairly creative. However, when it comes to the shirt/dress below I’m truly stumped.

Notice the opening on the side.

First, many thanks to the company for the free items. So I picked out this item and I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a dress or a shirt. What cha think? It feels weird on too.

Natural Hair Journal ~ 7th Month Continued

When Photoshop goes wrong…

N-E-Ways back to hair. Smh So my mama and my baby sister have decided to go natural. They are both transitioning. My mama is ditching the relaxer because she is newly retired and her income is limited. She can’t see paying 70 dollars every two weeks to get her hair did. She also has a thin hairline and her hair is starting to come back. She’s so tickled.

My baby sister is ditching the relaxer because her hairline is starting to thin out too. They both refuse to big chop. My mama has about as much hair as I had. My baby sister has hair to her shoulders. We’ll see how long they can last. I applaud anyone who can transition for more than two months. I couldn’t do it. I don’t have the patience. I think my hair would have broke off at the demarcation line. Can you imagine straight hair at the end of my fro?

(You insert “no” right here.) Well, I got a visual for you….

Apologizes if anyone viewing this picture is suddenly traumatized. I admit it’s slightly disturbing.

This is why I chopped all my hair off. I think I’d drive myself bats trying to style the two different texture. Also, I don’t think my experiences would have been as colorful had I transitioned for a year or more. Cutting off my relaxed ends and still having a head full of hair doesn’t seem exciting to me.

Moving right along…

2 June 05

Well, I’m sure it’s no surprise that I had to ditch those flat twists. They started looking strange and fuzzy after a few days.

I washed my hair and attempted some Bantu knots again. *Hey did you know, The word Bantu is considered an offensive term when used to refer to a Black or an African person [That’s what I was told at the time.]?

Anywho, my Bantu knots don’t look like Bantu knots. I think I need more hair or I have to make them smaller. Pics were taken before I put on my scarf.

The next day…I don’t like them!

Especially that one in the front./

I’ll change it this weekend.

That’s it for part 2 of month 7, Stay tuned for part 3. Thanks for listening. :D

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  • CharliGirl868

    Sug girl, when I read this, I laughed so hard cuz at the time I read it, I was sitting in the vehicle in WALMART

  • CharliGirl868

    …Cont’d – UGH…I hit something that interrupted my post.

    Anywhoo, I sent my 2 male counterparts into Walmart cuz I didn’t feel like going inside. As I was reading, I was also watching the random wrong acts of ghetto-ness that proceeded to enter and exit the store. Only there you can see an assortment of faux paus, hot messes, general all around idioticies and numerous atrocities right there. Mind you, this area ISN’T supposed to be ghetto—which shows you things are changing fast. The scary part, none are ashamed by the way they look/act. When I read that part, I bust out laughing so loud that people walking past the vehicle were looking at my vehicle wondering. They couldn’t see me cause I have dark tented windows so I laughed even louder at the fact I could make noise, freak folks out and not be seen. CLASSIC!!!