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Wednesday Wisdom, Episode 1

Wednesday Wisdom: Episode 1, Temperature Check

But Sug, what is Wednesday Wisdom and what happened to Wordless Wednesday?!?! We demand a refund!

Originally, I was going to blog about something else, but I am lead to talk about encouragement (at 1:29 am). If you follow me on YouTube, I sometimes speak about encouragement in between the hair, fashion and other acts of randomness that goes down on there. Unfortunately, encouragement is NOT a onetime deal. We often have to do temperature checks to see how we’re really doing and to find healthy ways to adjust our temperature. READ: GET ENCOURAGED!

Wednesday Wisdom, Episode 1

But Sug, that looks like an inflamed [censored]!


Tell the truth, when was the last time you did a temperature check? No one’s looking, feel free to be honest. Often times, we go on about our day, our week, our month, our year(S) without checking our temperature. Some of us don’t even realize that our systems are all out of whack (READ: TOO DAMN HOT or TOO DAMN COLD) until someone (or something, like stress) brings it to our attention.

So, I challenge you to examine yourself (you DON’T have to do it in the comment section) with complete honestly. Smiley_temperatureWhat areas are great? What areas need improvement? Remember be honest. What needs to happen in your life to make your temperature be the best temperature it can be? Sometimes that means getting out of that messy relationship. Finding a new job. Loving yourself. Doing things that you truly enjoy. Stop giving your power away! I could go and on. That “thing” will be different for everyone.

Remember, you can’t sit back and wait for change to happen. You must seek it. That is all. Lots of love, light and positive energy to you ALL (yes, even you).

Thanks for listening. Wordless Wednesday will return next week. :D

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  • CharliGirl868

    Girl, you know you be on to some stuff. You are so right about checking that temperature, oil stick dew-hickey, thing-a-ma-flogee, or whatever one chooses to call that gauge on oneself. I read your post and I see I gots to do some self-maintenance. I’m not gonna lie, I do pretty good at not giving my power away to random people who matter not, but that mischievous male counterpart of me who always finds ways to yank my chain for laughs and get me all riled up be having me hand my power over to him in a friggin’ gift box. I know what he’s up to, but I keep getting caught up. SMH I’m gonna work on that, but shoot Sug, its gonna be hard. All that other stuff, yup, gotta work on that too. O-o, Sug, why you gotta start right out the gate pulling out your couch for us to not only have a seat, but recline as well??? Girl, you’re just too much, but in a good way. Thanks for the reminder. Now next week, please give us our WORDY, I mean WORDLESS WEDNESDAY so you can explain what happened?? The suspense….iCan’t!!!

    • suggie

      CHILE! The men folk will do it to ya! Smh I can’t wait to share next week’s posts. ^_^