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Fashion Friday: Red Skirt with a Vintage Blazer

Fashion Friday: Red Skirt with a Vintage Blazer

Fashion Friday!

This Fashion Friday post features a red skirt and vintage blazer.

Fashion Friday_11_Jan_13

Um, I love this photo! MY body language is EVERYTHING! #SelfOfSteam

Plaid jacket: Thrifted/Vintage

Blue man’s shirt with white stitching: Gifted from my friend Megan/Vintage

Red almost a mini Skirt: Daniel Cremieux

Brown and gold Earrings: Nine West

Brown striped tights: Hue (You too can stay warm(er) with tights.)

High sports boots: Puma (This look can be dressed up by adding a pair of pumps.)

Bracelet: #gasp NONE!

Hair: Cascading two strand twist updo. HERE is the tutorial.

Shout out to my son (D1) for taking my photos! He did pretty good huh?

This skirt was seen in this video:


Well, that’s it for today’s Fashion Friday post. Thank you for listening. :D

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  • Natasha @ Houseful Of Nicholes

    I love it. I love you! You make me sick. Send me that mini (although it would be full length on me.) And the blazer. Maybe your hair too. And then we can be friends again.

    • suggie

      Sure. Let me borrow one of twins. ^_^

  • CharliGirl868

    Chile, them boots!!! They the bidnezz!!! What can I trade U for them? #DeadSerious

    Girl, you wearing tights??? I thought you were bare-legged. I know they would show up on me as brown. ***Sigh***, I get so yellow in the wintertime. I be like your friend Jon who can’t do a light check. ;-)

    The whole outfit is CA-YUTE!!! D3 is your twin. He’ll be the photographer…he inherited it.

    • suggie

      Thanks bew bew! Chile, I turn a pale brown that looks a lot like ash. \0/ I love those boots! I’ve had them for years! Thanks for the love.

  • Nemetria

    okay then. I see you.

    • suggie

      Woot woot!

  • linka72

    Seriously, I LOVES IT…you inspire me to actually wear the clothes that I hoard (ha) and especially the crazy colored flats and boots!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your wonderfulness with the world.

    • suggie

      Thanks for the love! I bet you have some wonderful pieces!!!

  • Darshell

    I love it! You are great.

    • suggie