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Flashback Friday: 9th Month Part 1 of My Natural Hair Journey!!

Flashback Friday: 9th Month Part 1 of My Natural Hair Journey!!

This is a flashback post showing what went down during the 9th month of my natural hair journey. This post has been modified lightly for grammatical errors and such. :D

Natural Hair Journey 9th Month

15 July 05

I actually forgot about my hair journey. I’ve been mad busy!! I also forgot that today is the beginning of my 9th month of being natural. So if I were pregnant I would be pushing and heaving! This is great and I’m most tickled. Believe it or not, nothing strange has happened to me lately. Well, for one I haven’t really been out in about.

I took the Bantu knots out, washed my hair and BAM!!


My hair is soooooo thick. When I had relaxed hair, my hair was thick. Now that I’m au natural, my hair is supa thick! I couldn’t get the front completely flat. This style is not what I had envisioned when I started styling it.


I wanted to puff to be more in the back but my hair was like HELL NO WE WON’T GO!  So this is what I ended up with.

16 July 05

Every time I wear a shake and go I look extremely busted the next day.


So I decided to twist my hair.


I’m starting to like this style. It’s easy and I think it’s cute.


I didn’t do them as neat as my previous set.


18/19 July 05

The shrinkage amazes me. I was looking at someone’s hair album and I was like dang her hair grew a whole lot. We went natural at the same time and I was floored at how long her twist were. It then dawned on me that my hair suffers from more shrinkage then others AND my nap pattern has the kung-fu grip.



So as you can see, my hair is growing.  I measured it and it’s now about 4 inches long!


19 July 05

I have a friend named CC:


She and I along with her cousins and my youngest son went swimming today. Well I can’t swim and she was like. “I’m going to teach you how to swim, like right now!” See the problem is, I can’t swim AND I know the dangers of water AND I know it can kill you real good. See,  it wouldn’t be a “nice” die in your sleep kind of death, but more like a splashing, slow, painful, you’ll be dead very soon kind of death. Well, let me just say that she tried to kill me!




After…My hair looks so busted and it’s so dry. Chlorine is the devil.


Natural Hair Journey 9th Month Continued

20-23 July 05

Many Congrats to my friend Jon Bibbs and his first video shoot. I was one of the extras in the video. I had so much fun! And congrats to Veronica and Julisa for directing the Video!!!

Who would have thunk that a freaking hair style could cause so much attention. So I pinned and gelled the sides of my hair for a faux hawk. I really like this hairstyle but I had to let it go after 3 days. People were stopping me and looking at me strange. I had this one brotha stop and start laughing at me. He was like, “you must be an artist.”  I am, but damn. I have never experience such a thing before, ever!

Day 1


I did it on dry hair. I just added gel to the sides and used bobby pins.



I washed it and then gelled the sides.


I think it looks better today.


This picture was taken at like 1:30am. I was on my way to the video shoot.

Day 3

The gawking was off the chain today.


 I had a photo shoot at a religious facility and all the church folk were looking at me like I was crazy. Plus my outfit was artsy. I felt kinda strange. I went home and washed my hair.

23 July 05

I’m so digging my fro. I thought the faux hawk got a lot of attention but this freaking fro caused a huge scene.


I had this one man stop me and ask if it was real. He then asks could he touch it. I was like HELLS NAW! I don’t even think it’s that big. I know I’m smiling really hard.

24 July 05

Finger coils!


It took me about 2 hours to do them. Once again the top part gives me the most problem. It makes me want to cry because the hair is so different form the rest of the hair on my head. I know one should embrace and accept the hair that grows out of their head but I understand the frustration, when people say they are frustrated with their hair. vis

26 July 05

This picture make we want to loc my hair.


Locs are so dope but I don’t think my A.D.D. will not allow me to do it.

27 July 05 2:38am  Typing this as it is happening… 

Off topic

So, I’m sitting here in my office suffering from insomnia and I keep hearing this thumping noise. It’s not loud, but loud enough for me to look up from my laptop to see what’s the deal.  Um, I have a fly in my office and this fool is bumping up against my white backdrop. This fool would run into it, knock himself out, fall to the ground, get back up and do it all over again.  Now at 2:42am I don’t hear him anymore. I guess he killed himself. 2:45am the fly is at it again. 2:47am I don’t hear him…maybe he’s dead this time. Nope he ain’t dead he’s back at it at 2:56am.  3:12am I’m going to bed. To hell with the fly. I can’t believe I’ve spent 30 min monitoring a damn fly. I have officially hit my low point.

flyThat’s him. Smh

Well, that’s it for the 9th month, part 1 of my natural hair journey, stay stunned for part 2. Thanks for listening. :D

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  • CharliGirl868

    Sug, somewhere, somehow, someway we have got to be related. **turns on record player, selects slightly dusty 45RPM of Parliament Funkadelic’s Aqua Boogie (A Psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadoloop)** {{{singing the hook}}} NEVER LEARNED TO SWIM…NEVER GOT THE RHYTHM OF THE STROKE….Honey, I never learned. My husband tried right…I’m skinny with a pudge, but girl, let me tell you this…I sank like a ROCK. I fought that N… oh I can’t use that word. That was one time I almost killed him for trying to kill me teaching me how to swim. Lets just say #EpicFail!! We didnt’ venture on that anymore…kinda like when he tried to teach me how to drive a stick shift…that’s a whole different fight there.

    Girl, I cried laughing at your picture with your raspberry face. Chlorine is definitely the devil. When they “tried” to teach me how to swim in high school, I didn’t do well either…passed tho, but girl, I had a Carefree Curl back in the day and that chlorine ate my hair for breakfast. Every girl in 9th grade had fried hair because of PE & swimming. 10th grade was a much better hair year for all of us.

    This Friday journey had me doing all kinds of laughing. I get the “can I touch your hair?” all the time, but it depends on whose asking if I give consent. Strange men, NEVER, kids, if they have clean hands. Now if I could just have some really warm weather up north so I can go home and get my mama/sister to scratch my scalp with that big, black comb, my world would be good.

    • suggie

      The no swimming struggle is real!!!! I can drive a stick tho…unless I’m on a hill. Smh I’ve never understand the science behind not having a 2 ton vehicle roll back. Nawl!