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Flashback Friday: 9th Month Part 1 of My Natural Hair Journey!!

Flashback Friday: 9th Month Part 2 of My Natural Hair Journey!!

This is a flashback post showing what went down during the 9th month of my natural hair journey. This post has been modified lightly for grammatical errors and such. :D

Natural Hair Journey 9th Month Continued

27 July 05

Let me tell you something.

Shake and go’s = Shrinkage galore!!!


The shake and go is easy but….

I look a FLAMING MESS THE NEXT DAY WHEN I WAKE UP. And nothing I can do will fix it.  The only option is to wash it and start all over. But wait there’s more, If I go several days with the shake and go when I go to wash my hair, it is tangled!! Tangled like Christmas lights at a yard sale. Picking it is a nightmare. 


The good news is that my hair dries super quick now that the weather is around 108 degrees.

28 July 07

The new and improved puff!




Look how much it has grown.


1st Puff 6 Months ago^!!

Off Topic

 Do you like cheesecake?

 Do you like ice cream?

 Well you’re in luck!

 Sarah Lee and Breyers have joined the two to make a really good ice cream.


I ate the majority of the carton…by myself…in less than a day. :|

29 July 05

Did some twists.


This time I started in the front, it still didn’t make them easier.


It took me longer than usual.


I think I’ll stick with doing the back first.


30 July 05                                                       

Off Topic

Today has been a most interesting day, to say the least. Children are something else. Have you ever seen light in a child? Well today I saw light in two little boys fugged me up (in a good way) and inspired me beyond my own comprehension. God is good! Anyway, I spent my evening talking about artsy stuff. I loved it. Prior to these conversations, I was at a cookout by way of someone else.

First, if the flies were missing in your neck of the woods anytime today, it’s because those mofos were in the house hovering around the food.


I would have been afraid to get a plate because there was no way one could have shooed all them flies away. Plus the carpet was this deep shade of dirty as hell. With an even darker shade of dookie brown. AND then this one brotha came in and the MC should have hushed everyone, including the flies to announce this brotha. “Hey everybody look at him in 5, 4, 3, 2, ….”

I was so glad to leave. Oh and the bathroom could have been on Fear Factor. $50,000 to anyone who licks the sticky door handle. Of course there was NO soap or paper towels. Thank God for hand sanitizer.


Remember this hat? I haven’t wore it in a while. I felt like hiding so this is what I wore.

Plus I wasn’t feeling my twists.


2 August 05                                              

 off topic :|


So, I had a job interview. My whole morning was fugged up. I should have known when my printer was giving me a hard time that today would be strange.

  1. I didn’t have much gas in my car (should I stop?).
  2. I had to buy some thigh highs (and yes I put them bad boys on in the car).
  3. The tunnel was backed up, as usual (Perhaps I should have gotten some gas).
  4. Where the heck is Building 105?
  5. I finally arrive and I was on time, I was even a minute early.
  6. I had to explain my name.
  7. I took some tests.
  8. I broke the strap on my sandal…the ones that I bought at my last nappy gathering.
  9. I get outside and my tire is leaning. I have a slow leak so I have a tire pumper-upper thing in my car [the one you plug into your car lighter outlet].
  10. I had to wait on that to inflate in the heat and swat a bumble bee that seemed to dig my hair.
  11. Gas light is cussing me out.
  12. 35 dollars later, I have a full tank (plus I’m broke).
  13. Still pissed that my shoes is broke.
  14. Got it fixed for 5 bucks!!!
  15. Got a cheese steak and soda from the best cheese steak place ever (I only paid 2 buck. He be hooking me up!!!!).

Anywho, my interview hair. I also had to put on a suit. YUCK!


I’m starting to get sick of my hair. The thought of having to wash it tomorrow makes we want to hurl. There are times when I want to cut it all off and just do the super short do for a while. I’ve even entertained the thought of braids but I don’t think my hair-line can support braids plus, I’m super tender headed. My hair is as thick as the drool that forms when you’re about to vomit. Plus, I know it will take forever. :(

Well my Bornday is actually one week from today!!

 I’ll be the big mystery age!

3-5 August 05

The 3rd. Guess what? My hair is long enough for afro puffs. Well, sort of long enough. I had to use an obscene amount of gel and bobby pins and those click clack hair thingies and some elbow grease and a scarf. Only 5 items. I was pleasantly pleased with the results. Well sort of pleased.


My afro puffs were really small.


My sister said it couldn’t be done. *inserted this look*


Well I pulled it off!!!!!!! I added some fake hair!


What’s the last thing you expect/want to see in IHOP?



I became really hungry around 3:30am on the 4th of August. So, my youngest son, my sister and myself decided to go get something to eat. Yes we were all still up. The insomniac loves company. Plus, it’s the summer and school is out. Anywho, after receiving the worlds worst mama award over a joke gone really bad, my saving grace was a snake.  My sister was like is that a snake? I jumped up thinking the snake was slivering across the floor. Well it wasn’t. Thank the lawd!!!



Now had I not had my camera you all would have probably been like “whateva, Sug know she be making up stuff.”

There was this guy and this chick who had a pet snake. Ok, to make a long story short. They ended up at my house about 16 hours later and I had a really dope photo session.




for stopping by. 

Well, that’s it for the 9th month, part 2 of my natural hair journey, stay stunned for part 3. Thanks for listening. :D

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  • CharliGirl868

    Sug, seriously boo, you needs to be compiling all of this for your book which I will gladly lend this title: “YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP…AND I HAVE THE PROOF.” Yeah hon, I’m really needing your laughs today because I have to embark on the journey that no one wishes to go, but must do so. I have to say goodbye to the last family member of my father…the last aunt…she lived a long life of 100 years and unfortunately, I’ve only had the chance to finally meet her 6 years ago. However, I’m so thankful for the time I did have to finally meet the family on that side that I’ve long heard stories about but never saw. Its a bittersweet journey, but I’ll persevere.

    Now as for you and this dude [he looks good tho] and that snake. iCan’t witchu. Only you would be out in the middle of the night at iHop and meet some random couple with a friggin’ pet snake. SMH

    Sug, I didn’t know that Breyers and Sara Lee had that strawberry cheesecake ice cream situation cause I never seent it, but I do know that Blue Bunny has that flavor, but methinks that the Breyers and Sara Lee would probably taste better cause I used to be a Breyers ice cream junkie back in the day as well as a Sara Lee cheesecake nut. You know I just got this random thought from my childhood and it just reoccurred to me that my mama ruined me. I was friggin’ spoiled rotten cause I haven’t bought Breyers ice cream or Sara Lee cheesecake cause my principles of cheapness just won’t let me part with my money unless its on sale…which has been a GOOD MINUTE. If I put it in the shopping card, she bought it no questions asked. Dang, my mama was right when she told my then fiance now hubby its no cheaper to feed or clothe me. Oh well…

    Sug, I hope you didn’t hold that snake cause one of the pictures looks like you holding that thing…as much as you and nature fight, I can’t imagine you holding a snake. I can hardly imagine that you allowed this man up in your house to take picture of the owner and his, uh pet. Yeah girl, I wouldn’t been whateva Sug, you saw a snake.

    I thought your interview hair was quite nice and the suit was too, but I know you don’t like muted tones in your clothes…that just ain’t you.

    Like always, love the journey back in time. MORE, MORE, MORE randomness!!!

    • suggie

      Awww sis, I’m sorry to hear about your aunt. What a blessing to live to 100. How awesome is that? Nevertheless, love and light to you and your family during this time. ♥

      You know, I stay with a story and I have lots of them…some of the mess, I wouldn’t dare put it on this here blog. Nawl. It would have to go in a book…which I’ve started on. Smh

      Oh and as a photographer, I have STORIES for DAYS!!!!! Whew chile.

  • Sharon

    Sug your flashbacks give me LIFE!!!! I’m at that stage now and I can SOOOO relate!!! My hair feels like a really plush carpet. It’s THICK! But “thick as drool that forms when you’re about to vomit” is going to make me lose my job from laughing so loud!!!

    I agree with CharliGirl868, I would definitely buy the book! And her response to Wordless Wednesday makes want to buy her book as well ;)

    • CharliGirl868

      I wouldn’t know where to begin in writing a book. I’ve tried putting thoughts together but they all just be rebelling and the A.D.D. just won’t cooperate with me. Maybe one day.

      • suggie

        Honey, my ADD knows no bounds. Lol

    • suggie

      Honey, the hair struggle is real!!

  • Z. Bridges~TGBG4life

    These Flashback Friday posts are good! It’s nice that you have a catalog of your hair journey as well as your *Off Topic* experiences.. HILARIOUS. CharliGirl, sorry for your loss. May God comfort you and your family during this time. I am sure your aunt lived a full life at 100 years old. :)
    Sug, I wonder how that conversation went with the snake people… “Hey, you got a snake! You want to come to my house so I can take pictures of you, oh yeah, and the snake.” LOL
    Thanks for sharing.

    • CharliGirl868

      Thanks so much. I’m LOL all over myself with that pseudo conversation with the snake people. I gotta visual of this conversation in my head. Me tho—I know I woulda been leaving out of an exit that I made myself!! Chile me & snakes! NO – MA’AM!!! Honey, one got up in my house and girl, I don’t know what was louder, me screaming, my son calling MOMMY or the sound of my husband big ole work boot that took that sucker out! Nobody used THAT bathroom for 2 weeks! I can’t wait to hear the back story to this snake photo session. C’mon Sug, sharing is caring!

    • suggie

      Lol! Yeah, that’s pretty much how it went. Ha!