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My Top 10 from the 85th Academy Awards!

My Top 10 from the 85th Academy Awards!

I’m back with yet another top 10 list!! This time, I’m talking about the 85th Academy Awards!! I did a top 10 list last year, but it was lost during the blog crash. #wallslide I’m still salty about that…but that is not this. Anywho, without further adieu, here are my top 10 moments from the 85th Academy Awards!

1. Seth MacFarlane was all types of terrible. I mean, I can find humor in almost anything, but meh. He was actually painful to watch. Wait. I did laugh at the socks in the dryer bit.

seth_macfarlane_the 85th Academy Awards


2. Dame Shirley Bassey not only looked great, but she sang that song! I’m trying to understand how does one sing “Goldfinger” with that much passion AND look fine while doing so? Whew, chile! Word on the curb is, she’s 76! SEVENTY-SIX!

Dame_Shirley_Bassey_ 85th Academy Awards!



3. The theme music from Jaws! Tell me why were “they” playing that joint as the wrap it up music? Laughing out loud!


4. Kerry Washington’s cheekbones needed a mini Oscar!



5. Jennifer Hudson sang for the millionth time ”And I am Telling You” and killed it for the millionth time!


6. A tie? I’ve never known there to be a tie but there was a tie for sound editing.



7. Sally Field was serving us some premium acting in that 10 second clip from her role in the film Lincoln! YAAS! She should have won based on the clip, but she didn’t.



8. Adele!! Um, she looked FABULOUS and she sounded great. WOW! She also won an Oscar!!


9. When Barbara Streisand came out though! WHEW LAWD! She sang in memory of those in the film industry that are no longer with us. #wallslide


10. Renée Zellweger…I didn’t even recognize her. Um.



There were other moments like that one sweaty dudeQuvenzhané Wallis and her slicked down edges and of course Mrs. Obama announcing best picture! I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of movies to watch. Anywho, did you watch the 85th Academy Awards? If so, what were your favorite moments?

That’s it. Thanks for listening. :D

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  • CharliGirl868

    Again, you rendered us a great public service for award shows. I was on the road and therefore didn’t see no type of awards. I probably coulda got an award for how long I watched the back of my eyelids while trying to figure how my husband managed to shave off a whole hour of travel while I slept cause chile, I thought we was at least 2 hrs away from our destination and I woke up with only 1 hr to go. I appreciate getting home sooner, however, he’s banned from driving my vehicle unless there’s an-ab-so-lute-E-MER-GEN-CY!!

    Girl, I am laughing at your list, like always. Girl, whatchu talking about Shirley Bassey…she’s prime example of good black don’t crack. YASS honey, she’s 76 and she looks just as fierce!! She be up there with Diahann Carroll & ‘nem. I know it takes a lot to sing, but sis, it take a WHOLE lot to sing & still look good and sound good doing it. She got it. POW!!!

    You need to give me a visual of the sweaty dude you make reference to. I needs to see that cause the statement alone gave me life.

    As always thanks for the list. You stay with a list!!! You know what tho Sug, you needs to put together another video top 10 chile cause we been missing that tomfooleryness.

    • suggie

      I wish I had the luxury of being the consummate passenger, but chile these kneegrows can’t drive and I don’t trust them. Nawl! I need to crank out a top 10 video. I have ideas, I just need to find the motivation to do it. Smh That sweaty man was a mess, literally. Ugh! He won an award tho so he got some talent.

      • CharliGirl868

        Girl, you need motivation. I thought lists were your motivation. OK, what did this sweaty dude win for & I’ll google him cause I just gotta see for myself.

  • Tati Ella

    I must be the only one w/a a pretty crass sense of humor. I enjoyed Seth. Was he as good as Billy or Whoopi? Of course not. But they weren’t as good as they are their 1st time out of the gate. I enjoyed his comedy. Some things were over the top, but that’s one of the things I like about him: No one is safe.
    Anywho…I’m 100% sure Rene got a boob job b/c I saw her pic last night & was like…wowzers! Those were NOT in Chicago. She was damn near a 6th grader & now she’s Jenna Jamison.
    I’ve never been a Barbara fan b/c her vibrato comes across as flat to my ear. It sounds like nails on a chalkboard to my ears.
    One of the BEST moments for me (other than RDJ & Samu-El & J. Lawrence) was the 3rd producer of Argo’s acceptance speech at their best movie win. I love how he kept emphasizing their DIRECTOR Ben Afleck, b/c he was a producer but he was also their DIRECTOR & he was an awesome DIRECTOR. Since BA got snubbed on the DIRECTOR nom, that just felt like 3 middle fingers thrown in his favor against the Academy…and I loved it.

    DIRECTOR! hahaha

    • suggie

      Renee looked wrong different in the face…like she’s had some kind of struggle. CHILE! Bless her tho. O_O I’ll have to see Argo. I’ve been meaning to but life happened. I’ll try to catch it this week cause I hear it’s EVERYTHING!

      • Tati Ella

        I’ve heard Argo is good, but its not my kind of movie so I’ve no interest in seeing it. I think Renee just looked older in the face. Its those seemingly-brand-spankin’ new boobs that stood out as wrong to me. I’m going to have to travel down her life in pictures b/c I don’t remember those knockers in Chicago. lol

        • suggie

          LOL!!I went back and looked and I don’t recall those either.