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Wednesday Wisdom: Volume 3, Death to Multitasking!

Wednesday Wisdom: Volume 3, Death to Multitasking!

I’ve hit on this top before, but I feel the need to hit on this topic again…


In this Wednesday wisdom post, I’m about to read summa y’all I’m going to tell you why I think the concept of multitasking needs to have a stadium full of seats.

  • Um, why do you really need to do several things at once? I mean, really? But Sug, I breathe and blink and my heart beats ALL at the same time, so that’s kinda like multitasking. First of all, slapping_smiley. Second, all of the aforementioned are part of your autonomic nervous system AND that happens without your conscious effort. If you were responsible for all of those things, however; you’d probably mess that up and end up in somebody’s emergency room.
  • Your attention to detail may not be all that detailed. You’re bound to miss something. For example, you’re definitely bound to miss that red stop light if you are updating Twitter and drinking your coffee while driving to work.



  • Multitasking can make you anxious. You may find yourself thinking worrying about all the things you could be doing while you’re currently doing stuff.
  • Multitasking can affect your sleeping. Instead of just winding down, you’re probably thinking about all the tasks you can after your restless night of sleep.
  • I know you’re thinking you’re doing an AMAZING job with all of those tasks. Chances are, you’re not.

But Sug, what can I about all this multitasking?

  • Admit that you’re doing way too much at once. before_mt
  • Improve your time management. Chances are, you’re doing all of those things at once because you failed to set a reasonable and workable schedule.
  • Make a to do list.
  • Set boundaries! It’s okay to say no!
  • Put your cellphone away when you’re driving.
  • Most importantly, do one task at a time.


Well, that’s if for this Wednesday Wisdom blog post. I hope this serves as a reminder and an invitation for you to slow yo roll! It’s okay to not bite off more than you can chew, plus you’ll feel better and be less stressed.

Thank you so much for listening and Wordless Wednesday will return next week. :D

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  • CharliGirl868


    What’s so bad about it Sug, when one does attempt multitasking, nothing gets finished. Nope, it don’t…I know that’s a double negative, but trust & believe, nothing gets done. As I’ve gotten older, I have realized that I’m a serious A.D.D., procrastinator personality and I’m easily distracted and I literally stop what I was doing and start doing something else and then something else, etc. For some reason, mentally, I just can’t focus on one thing for a long period of time and I have literally gone into a meltdown because my mind starts thinking on how monumental the task is and how long it takes and how will I get it done. I get majorly overwhelmed. Honey, if you watch me close enough, you’d probably see the smoke coming out of my ears & smell all kinds of wires overloading. I’m so thankful for the O.C.D., understanding type husband I have who is ever so patient with me. He accepts the fact that anything domestic just ain’t my forte. Anything technical that requires massive amounts of brainpower, creative stuff, bookwormy stuff…except math, I’m the go-to girl for that. Household stuff….to blazes with that cause we ain’t never been friends and no point in trying to get that friendship going….been trying that for over 30+ years & it just ain’t happening.

    Consciously, I know all that thing about lists and setting aside enough time and yadda yadda yadda, but chile, all of that there…it has to seat itself in all the stadiums in the world cause AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT!…at least, I don’t.

    The Messy Genius :-p

    • suggie

      Chile, you give me so much life! List actually work for me and I get great pleasure out of checking stuff off.

  • Sharon

    :-D :-D :-D I’m going to need Words of Wisdom and Side Eye something like every day and please make sure that CharliGirl868 shows up! Yall really make my day! I’m the queen of multitasking! But you’re right, my list is never complete. Perhaps I’ll try this time management thing you speak of ;)

    • suggie

      HA! Yeah, CharliGirll be on it, chile! Time management is a necessary evil…but once you get it, you’re good.

    • CharliGirl868

      Time management…uh huh I tried that & chile boo, I’m so sorry but the chaos in me SCREAMS iAIN’T. Yeah, she doesn’t believe in using proper grammar either. \O/ What’s worse y’all, its inherited. My son, lawd bless him, cause he’s like his mama. SMH See, this is what I get for having a child in my near mid-30′s. I prayed just for a boy and I found out that when you’re not specific, God shows you His sense of humor. I just asked for a boy and POW, I got him. I forgot to ask to make him neat and tidy like his father & smart like me. Now I gotta hear, “that’s your son” cause when he does stuff…Lawd, I see myself. Mother’s curse is no joke people, you hear! I digress now.

      • suggie

        LMAO! Let us not talk about kids and the stuff they do. CHILE! You seriously crack me up.

  • Daphne

    As I read this at work ;) I am also waiting for a test I am running to be completed, listen to a colleague during a meeting, type this message, and decide what I will cook for dinner after my daughter’s Mauy Thai class tonight. POW!!!

    • suggie

      LOL! I’m sitting here responding to your comment…and that’s it. POW!

  • Luckied99

    Lol….Multi-tasking. I have to say I agree and disagree. While I was working in the 9-5 work force as a manager…Multi-tasking for MOST folks was out the door because, Stuff just didnt get done or didnt get properly. Now in my stay at home mother wife life and partnership with my hubby in our business multi-tasking is the best route if you do it wisely. Trust me things get down and done right. For me you just have to know what to manage at the same time and it can be done with grace. Example what I do when Im reading a book that I cant just put down…..You better believe its Reading time again for the little ones. WIn WIN situation…they love learning new words and mommy can enjoy the kids and a great book. Of course you have to set limits and rules to multi-tasking just like anything you do in your personal life. Im not a believer on talking on the phone, having a convo with someone in front of you, cooking/cleaning out the fridge and trying to put your makeup on all at the same time, while the kids diaper needs to be changed. THATS JUST STRAIGHT CRAZY and DRIVES MY BANANAS when Folks do that. In that persons case….break out the checklist because none of that stuff is getting down properly or even finished. ;}
    Okay Im done….lol

    • suggie

      Ha! Diaper change, makeup and conversations! The visual made me laugh out loud. It seems like multitasking is working for ya. <3