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I'm in Naturally Happy Hair Magazine! -whoissugar, the blog

I’m in Naturally Happy Hair Magazine!

Um, guess who’s in the spring edition of Naturally Happy Hair Magazine? But Sug, based on the title of this page, we know it’s you and stuff.


I’m in Naturally Happy Hair Magazine! First of all, I would like to thank my beautiful and sometimes uncooperative natural hair. If not for her, none of this would be possible. None of it, chile! sad021 I’m gong to reward her by styling her today. I would also like to thank Naturally Hair Magazine for this opportunity. This is beyond awesome! Anywho, I know you all need proof. So, without further adieu…

Naturally Happy Hair Magazine

BAM! #Proof!

But Sug, we need details!

  • Well, Naturally Happy Hair Magazine was created to educate and empower naturals or those considering making the transition.
  • The magazine is only $3.99!!
  • You can purchase the magazine by visiting
  • The digital print is now available, however, the magazine will be in print on 11 March 2013.
  • Did I mention that it is only $3.99? No, I’m not being paid.
  • You’ll find hair tips, style inspiration, beautiful natural hair photos and other acts of awesomeness.
  • You’ll also find some of your FAVORITE curlfriends in the magazine! #iSpy… Dr. Nina, Ambrosia, Felicia Leatherwood and Ebony!

For more information. Please visit

Well, that’s it. Thanks so much for reading and supporting my blog. I’ll se you all Wednesday on in the book club forum! wink

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  • CharliGirl868

    YAY!!! #ThowsConfettiThrowsStreamers {little midget person running across stage doing the confetti throwing} See, you’d have to remember the Gong Show for that reference!

    Congrats boo! I’m definitely gonna check that joint out…and not just because you’re in it. However, it does help that you are because I’ve never heard of this until today. So very happy for you getting put on blast in such a good way. #SmilesFromEarToEar

    You give us some good inspiration and lots of humor and you make those days when we ha–ha-aa-aa-tttaaahhhtttteeee our hair a lot more bearable and it thus prevents us from shaving our heads or worse…picking up the creamy crack again. Today for me is one of those wanna shave my head dayz cuz my afro puff style didn’t come out the way I wanted and I didn’t have time to correct it…but its a’ight tho cuz imma fix that tonight.

    Ok, you styling your hair today…we wanna see a tutorial then! #Pow :-)

    • suggie

      Why did I just sound out “hate?” Actually, I yelled it out because my people skills are on zero due to fatigue. Smh meanwhile, my hair is in a ponytail! PRAISE HIM!
      I’m sure your hair is just fine. Leave her (?) alone lest she provide you additional hours of “fun.” Further, I know no such thing as the Gong show. #crickets