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The Vaguity of a Rejection Letter - whoissugar, the blog

The Vaguity of a Rejection Letter

But Sug, I don’t think “vaguity” is a real word and I KNOW you see that red squiggly line. This is where you use your deductive reasoning skills to figure out what vaguity means. #YouIsSmart Anywho, I know I don’t normally blog on a Tuesday, but I here I am…talking about the vaguity of a rejection letter. Before I get into it, let me first say, this blog post is NOT in reference to a job, a line of credit or a 4th degree. Nope.


So, a few days ago, I applied to be member four thousand AND ONE of this online group. I submitted all of my credentials and why I feel like I am AMAZING qualified. Today  I got the rejection letter. Wait. Did I say letter? I mean, rejection statement. HA! It was a two liner telling me  ” Sorry, not sorry. You don’t fit the criteria and/or you’re not what we’re looking for.”



I think… thk



So, which one is it AND what is it? If this letter could get anymore vague it would have been in hieroglyphics. But Sug, you sound salty and stuff. HA! Actually I’m not. Seriously. Ironically enough, I got a detailed “girl we need you on our team” letter 34 minutes before the rejection statement arrived. Oh. The irony.

I said all of this to say:

  • Never give up
  • Keep pushing
  • If it’s yours, it will be
  • Rejection is part of life

That’s it. Thanks for listening. I’ll see ya tomorrow with a Wordless Wednesday post. See, this post could have been a Wednesday Wisdom post.

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  • CharliGirl868

    Girl, that’s some crazy mess. “Sorry not sorry”??? What kinda B.S.ery is that? Chile, they sound ultra shady if they have a 2 line statement saying we don’t wantchu. Chile bye, forget them cuz something about this don’t even sound kosher. Yay for you getting an acceptance letter before them fools. As the Impressions song says: Keep On Pushing!

    Hey, did you change up the comment thingy? Likes it. I think. I hope. Bet not give me issues or else! :-o

    • whoissugar

      Thanks bew! You’ll probably see a lot of changes on here. Girl! A nightmare. Smh

  • Daphne

    I think the worst kind of vague letter is when you go for an interview and during the interview you are told that they are very interested and would like for you to come back for a second interview. Then a few days later you get some vague email “Sorry we decided to go in a different direction.” I mean what kind of mess is that!! Don’t get my hopes up just to dash them in the pit of despair. And then they don’t tell you why? Ain’t no body got time for that. Do I sound bitter?

    • whoissugar

      Speak on it. I don’t think you sound bitter. With regard to employment, it would be great if they gave you a reason why you were not hired…especially if they they said they were going to bring you back for a second interview. OR they could just not say that they were going to bring you back for additional interviews. Sadly, I’ve seen some SHADY practices with regard to the employment process.

    • CharliGirl868

      I had that happen. This was pre-email era. I got a short letter saying something to that affect…AFTER giving me all these gushing praises. Honey, I was going to write a standard “thank you for the interview” letter but when I got that, I started off “nice” and then I professionally tore them a new one about how unprofessional their selection process was and I sent a BCC to whoever was the one in charge & I enclosed a copy of the letter they sent me. I got a phone call from the president of the company with all kinds of apologies. I thanked them for calling and because of that poor representation of their company I wouldn’t be interested in any other openings at their company cause that made me suspect of the kind of people I’d be working for. Thankfully tho, I had gotten hired from another interview I had right after that. Shady practices are never good and do bad business for the company they represent.