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Wordless Wednesday: What Happened? Episode 9 - whoissugar, the blog

Wordless Wednesday: What Happened? Episode 9

This Week’s Wordless Wednesday Picture.

So, what happened? Tell all of us what you think happened before, during and or after in this week’s wordless Wednesday photo. :D Yes, that is Tiny…and there is a story behind this picture. HA!


(Photo credits: ME! Picture taken in 2012. Camera: Samsung Galaxy s3…you may have seen this picture on one of my social networking websites.)

But Sug, what about the Wordless Wednesday picture from last time?

Wordless_Wednesday_Episode_8Here is the photo in case you missed it. Niki pretty much hit the nail on the head. Let me tell you had happened and ALL the things wrong with this picture. This picture was taken in late 2002. We had just bought a house and were in the process of moving. READ: NO FOOD! Well, we had to make sure that each area was clean and secure (that’s why you see the cabinets taped up). Also, the fridge drawers were upside down. The ONLY thing left to eat was NOTHING! The pizza box (on the counter) was empty. The fridge only had mustard and soda. \0/ I don’t drink soda and there was nothing to put mustard on. It was bad…but NOT too bad for me to take a picture of said struggle. LOL!

Well, that’s it. I look forward to your responses. lol I’ll see you all Friday. Thanks for reading and supporting my blog. (((LOVE)))

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  • CharliGirl868

    Of course, our girl Tiny is up to her stalking again. She’s just come downstairs after hearing you stirring around in your studio. She is also hoping that you will let her into the studio so she can do her usual disrupting of your filming and/or editing of said videos that are to be posted on the interweb.

    She is thinking, “If it weren’t for these blasted tags and bells & thangs, I could just roll up in there undetected.” She’s waiting for the opportunity for any of the D’s to open your door so she can just dart into the room. She’s also looking out for Mr. Rasheed cause she knows the last encounter she had with him, she disrupted his sleep and she firmly believes in her heart of hearts that he will deliver on that promise of giving her the uppercut thus taking her nine lives down to 8 or 7. She’s waiting….and waiting….and waiting….for her chance to do what she does best….get all up in the mix and disrupt things in Sug’s life and make her A.D.D. go sideways and set the whole house on its ear from Sug’s rantings at her.

    After all, she’s had a full day of sitting in the window, running around randomly for no apparent reason, chased a few insects that somehow found their way into the house and she sat in Sug’s plant. The only thing left is to finally get Sug going is….the video disruption!!!! {{{{evil kitty laughter}}}

  • jtdsgurl

    Thats just typical Tiny being nosy. She heard somebody doing something so she had to go check it out and see if it was worth her involving herself in so she can take their shine

  • Daphne Dee

    That looks like a I-smell-food face.

  • Niki Harris

    Yay! Lol! I finally got through! My phone wouldn’t let me open the blog posts for like a month! Argh!!! Gotta a lot of catching up to do! But this blog is so yummy, I don’t mind reading old posts! I open the blog to hear that TV is some how being mentioned with my favorite blogger EVER!!! I’m sad ya cut my favorite stalking bush from the yard though! HA! Just kidding! As always, thanks for sharing Sugar, and I appreciate you!