Flashback Friday: My Hair Before My Natural Hair Journey!

I know it may be hard to believe, but I didn’t always have a head full of unprocessed naps. Anywho, this is a flashback post showing what went down before my natural hair journey. This post has been modified lightly for grammatical errors and such.  Also, my face is blurred in some of the photos because fools people used to steal my photos. Smh

ONE, TWO, WAAAYYY BACK…Life before the big chop!


Baby Sug, in the 70′s…the late 70′s.#sideeye 


Sometime during the 70′s. My Mom Had the dopest fro.


Kindergarden picture (don’t judge…I forgot to tell my mama it was picture day) and a REAL wash and go that my mama did not approve of. HA!


First relaxer at age 10.



1998, I’ve been loving the swope since the 90′s!


2000, (I think) I had to get bangs after someone messed up my hair.


2001,  Moosed wash and go updo

sug in md 2

2002, My hair was LAYED!


2003, I added a few highlights. HUGE mistake. My hair DRY!


2003, My hair really never got bone straight with a relaxer. So I would moose and wash and go. I was soooooo sick that day (vomiting) but my hair was cute.


2003, Combed moose & go.

Well, that’s it for this flashback post, stay stunned for part 3 of my 9th month natural hair journey. Thanks for listening.wink

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  • CharliGirl868

    This was a nice trip down memory lane. In that 2002 pic, girl, you look like my late nephew’s ex-wife. The hair was sho-nuff laid chile. But Sug, you know I gotta say this, but you was a juicy baby!!! See, I woulda been combing your hair and dressing you up and chewing your cheeks. I would have ruined you. Before I was a mom, I was the perfect aunty…shoot, I’ve been aunty since birth—literally. I knew how to feed them, dress them, comb their hair…that’s why I got so good with cornrows after practicing on the 5 or 6 Barbie heads I’ve had. My nieces always had their hair together. Man, I shoulda finished cosmetology school, but that’s another story for another time. Yet ironically, I don’t want a girl of my own…#Don’tJudgeMe Luv the boys…yup.

  • http://satisfymysoultheblog.blogspot.com/ L.Nicole

    Very nice! Query me this, Why is it that in old pics mama might have the biggest most fabulous afro, but their daughters hair is straightened? I always notice that when looking through my family’s old pictures.

    • CharliGirl868

      You know what, I didn’t think about that. My sis has a fro on our family pic, but my hair was pressed—hard pressed chile! That is serious irony, ain’t it?