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This Raggedy Blog Won't Let Me Be Great! - whoissugar, the blog

This Raggedy Blog Won’t Let Me Be Great!

Man, listen. I absolutely canNOT with! You’ll notice that a months worth of blogs are missing. UGH! I’ll explain what had happened after I flip over these chair and tables. Smh

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  • charligirl868

    You know, I was wondering what the deal is because normally you’d respond to comments and you have been unusually quiet…which I know ain’t you. I hope you get this stuff together and if you require assistance in table/chair flipping, I’m ride or die!

  • Zandria B.

    Dang Sug, that’s messed up. Miss ya!

  • RJ Haynes

    Who the hell we got to fight up in here???? Smh! For real fir

  • Tracy Shuler

    I beg to differ. You are great without this blog, but that is messed up!!!

  • Tomekia Shontee

    HOT DAMNNNN NOW!!!! WE MISS YOU! Everytime i check on you and there is nothing new, i want to throw my shoe at the computer. WITW!!!