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Whoissugar's Book Club

Whoissugar’s Book Club!


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  • eveauxena

    My name is Erica. I’m a lover of Jesus, my husband, the written word, dark chocolate, nail polish, and natural hair.

  • Guest

    I have to say that Liesel is made from darkness. First a book about how to dig a grave and the next book, one on Hitler. Talk about heavy reading. However, I have to admire her persistence in learning how to read and Hans willingness to teach her. He was truly a caring man, despite what Rosa calls him. He has such an indepth understanding and ability to look beyond the exterior and truly know what at the heart of a person. He reminds me of Matthew in Anne of Green Gables…but that’s a story for another time.

    Both of these book, regardless of how age inappropriate they are symbolize very tragic and poignant moments in Liesel’s life and the only way she can connect to those things that were dearest to her. Truer words said….misery always comes after happiness.