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whoissugar, the blog

So, whoissugar?

Sugar is usually located right across the street, to the immediate left and around the corner. You’ll know it’s her because she sports vintage threads and a head full of natural hair that is “accented” with more than a few streaks of silver. She is a married mother of 3 boys and a furry cat daughter (exhibit A), Master of Arts degree in psychology holder, promoter of positive energy, facilitator of change, clinician turned full-time YouTube Vlogger, lover of fine arts, vintage clothing, and good eats, obsessed with words and digs the ways certain words sound coming out of her mouth like “onomatopoeia,” poet, off and on professional photographer of the human condition, bookworm, painter on canvass when inspired, queen of revamp, 10% of the day dancer…with an emphasis is pseudo breakdancing, off key singer, lover of life and laughter, owner of a lot of footwear and encourages people to look at them when she says “owww, look at my shoes!”  Sugar is really named Sugar (spare her the Sugar jokes, please). Online, she is known as “whoissugar” and “but sug.”


  • Sahrah

    Hey sis,

    I just wanted to say hello. I remember you from Lafayette when you worked over here with that huge fro. I was searching google images for hairsyles and ran across your site. You are still as beautiful as ever. You may remember my mini-fro compared to yours. It nice to read of the life after…I am still here, but prayerfully moving on soon. You take care. I’ll be stopping by your site again!

    • suggie

      Hi Sahrah!

      I remember you. I hope they’re treating you well over there. Thanks so much for the love. <3

  • Kiara Collins

    Hey Sug,
    I Just Wanted To Say I LOVE Your Videos..I Really Like The Lively,Groovy,Funky Style Of The Videos..
    -Kiara..Love And Blessings From NewJersey

  • Irika Sneed

    Hey Sug..

    Just wanted to tell you that l LOVE your videos and so glad to have found your blog..looking forward to reading your entries. I’m really feeling your sense of style! :). Happy Saturday! Sending blessings from the ATL!